Comic Vine Review


O.M.A.C. #1 - Office Management Amidst Chaos


O.M.A.C. explodes out of the pages of this first issue but who is he and what is he after? That's what we're about to find out. Dan DiDio and Keith Giffen deliver a story with a 70s feel that has a familiar concept but also is 'new' for all readers.

O.M.A.C. is here but it may not be the O.M.A.C. people might expect. If you've never read anything with or about O.M.A.C., you won't have to worry. This is a new character in the "New 52."

The Good

I don't know a lot about O.M.A.C. My first real exposure to the character was in John Byrne's 1991 miniseries. That featured Buddy Blank as the lead. We also had all the business with Brother Eye and Maxwell Lord. This series doesn't dip into all of that and offers a fresh take.

Dan DiDio introduces us to new characters and ties it back to Cadmus, which is great to see has survived this transition. With Cadmus, we have the appearance of a character I was hoping would make an appearance.

Keith Giffen's art gives the series a true 70s feel and the action scenes area site to be seen. If the action contained here is what we have to look forward to,

The Bad

It's great that we don't need to know any of O.M.A.C.'s history. Since this isn't an origin issue, we don't know a lot of what is going on. We are literally thrown into the middle of the action. We have new characters and a different O.M.A.C. that we have to become invested in. As far as the main character goes, I haven't made a decision on how I feel towards him.

A couple times the dialogue was a little cheesy. O.M.A.C. also yelled out, "I am O.M.A.C." a couple times but that felt right with the 70s feel.

The Verdict

We have a new universe thanks to the "New 52" and a new O.M.A.C. to go along with it. I thought I knew a little about the character but we have a new feel here. Many creators have commented that we will not be seeing strict origin stories right away. We definitely don't have one here as we are thrown in completely in the middle of the story. O.M.A.C. is on a mission and even he isn't fully aware of why he's doing what he's doing. The art has a retro feel to it and there are plenty of great action scenes which gives promise to lots of excitement in future issues. Because we have new characters in the book, it's hard to become fully invested in them after one issue. The overall mystery of the premise is enough to make you want to find out more.