Comic Vine Review


Obi-Wan and Anakin #2 - Part II


Obi-Wan and Anakin continue their adventure to a place that has never seen a Jedi.

Obi-Wan and Anakin deal with some folks who have no idea what a Jedi is. The history of Anakin's training is also explored.

What's great about this issue is that we get to see a bit of Anakin's training, before this adventure with Obi-Wan. In addition, Anakin also spends some time hanging out with Palpatine, so the seeds of the Dark Side are being sewn. What readers are left with is this back and forth battle, unbeknownst to Anakin, over the young Padawan.

These few pages we get from this part of the story are something to look forward to in this series, especially the moments where we get to see what the sub-surface of Coruscant looks like: that planet that's one big city. We get this cool moment where Obi-Wan is passed off to Palpatine and for those who have seen the movies or even know Darth Vader's story, you know what's going on and what writer Charles Soule does well is build an anticipation, where readers wait for something "Dark Side" to happen or be taught to Anakin. This section of the book is great; however, it's a small part of the story.

What it all boils down to is that while this is an interesting book and there's an immense amount of potential for greatness here, this is a pretty dull story. The main adventure that Obi-Wan and Anakin are on, in a world far away, is just run-of-the-mill, which is a huge disappointment, considering there's so much the creative team could do with this story and this time period. Both this issue and the first issue fall a bit flat.

However, Marco Checchetto and colorist Andres Mossa deliver some wonderful art. There's a lot of great scenes where Checchetto hits the emotional beats exceptionally well. In addition, he's nailing the action that's in the issue as well. The book just looks really pretty.

Both the first and second issue of this series are alright. More than anything else, it's a bit of a bummer to see something with so much potential be just an "ok" story. Regardless, I'm intrigued with where this is going and say keep reading it. The art here is fantastic, but the majority of the story wasn't as good as I hoped for.