Comic Vine Review


Nova #9 - Chapter Nine: Infinity²


What can be worse than finding your family threatened by an alien assassin? How about having to try to fight her without any powers? Good luck, Nova.

The Good

NOVA is a fun book. There is something about witnessing a new hero try to get a handle on their newfound powers and abilities. Sam Alexander was your average fifteen-year-old. Since discovering his father was part of the Nova Corps and inheriting his helmet has opened up a new world for Sam. In the short time since he's come into the role of Nova, he's faced some serious situations. And it's about to get worse.

Having met Robbie Baldwin and Vance Astrovik, Sam comes home to find his mother and sister at the mercy of one of Thanos' agents. He will be forced to fighter her without the use of his powers if he wants any chance of guaranteeing their safety.

Zeb Wells makes this a fun and light-hearted issue, despite the fact that Sam's family is being threatened. Paco Medina's art captures the fun and serious vibe of the series and David Curiel's color makes each panel pop off the page.

The Bad

The story felt a little rushed. It might be due to next issue's 100th issue NOVA anniversary. We barely get a chance to see what's happening towards the end as the story feels like it takes a leap to the conclusion.

The Verdict

You can feel there are changes coming. Zeb Wells continues to flesh out Sam Alexander's character and having Robbie Baldwin and Vance Astrovik sets up the next chapter in Sam's life. While faced with a serious and deadly threat, Sam is forced to fight a battle he can't win. There is a quick resolution to it all as the stage is set for the anniversary issue next month. Paco Medina's art is great for the series. We can only hope that the creative switch coming next month will maintain the vibe of the series while continuing to delivering the fun and exciting adventures of the new Nova.