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Nightwing #23 - World Turned Upside Down Review


The action heats up in Chicago as Nightwing gets closer to catching the new Prankster plus more on Tony Zucco.

The Good

I've probably said it before but it's great having Nightwing in Chicago. As great as it is having characters in such a vast comic book universe, sometimes seeing a character simply be able to do their own thing is wonderful. Kyle Higgins is fleshing out this little corner of the New 52 Universe and the action is non-stop.

Higgins has Nightwing pretty busy on his mission to get to Tony Zucco as well as the continued deadly escapades of the new Prankster. We're also seeing more of the supporting characters fleshed out which further adds to the feeling that this is happening in its own little corner of the DCU.

We also see some follow up on a character that hasn't been seen since Dick left for Chicago. This was a welcomed subplot and it's going to be interesting to see more.

Will Conrad's art captures the frantic action and you can feel the thrill Dick has as he's going through Prankster's goons. Andrew Dalhouse's colors adds to the art as well almost giving it a more realistic feel.

The Bad

This is where I sort of contradict myself a tiny bit. While it is great seeing Nightwing operate on his own without any outside interference, you would think Prankster's escalating attacks would attract the attention of others with power. It could just be because the mayor and city is anti-capes and wouldn't try to put out the call for help. Amanda Waller's JLA is likely more than busy with Trinity War going on.

With the word of Tony Zucco getting out, the fact that the news singles out the death of the Flying Graysons and mentions Dick over all the other victims felt too close to home. The Graysons may have been a really high profile act so that could be the explanation but now it makes it a big coincidence that both Dick and Nightwing are in Chicago.

The Verdict

Nightwing's adventures in Chicago continue and the action is becoming more explosive. Kyle Higgins is claiming Chicago as his own playground for Nightwing and the art by Will Conrad and colors by Andrew Dalhouse are making it all a great trip. There are a couple moments things escalate a bit too much but there's no denying how much of a blast this series has become. We essentially have a "Batman" family book that can easily stand on its own with a distinct feel to it. This series makes me happy to be a Nightwing fan.