Comic Vine Review


Nailbiter #3


Buckaroo locals decide to take the law into their own hands and go after Edward Warren.

The Good

NAILBITER hits on a lot of horror elements that other comics miss out on. The third issue of this series builds on the mystery with what's happening in Buckaroo, as well as shedding some light on Edward Warren. The book is paced incredibly well and certain scenes build up to some incredibly suspenseful moments.

Writer Josh Williamson found a way to make a completely despicable and horrible person a compelling and interesting character. Edward Warren is written incredibly well through his actions and mainly through his dialogue. He's quiet but charismatic and mysterious. The reader will really feel for him, especially in a story Edward tells about seeing a woman who's eyeing him for the first time in years. However, is he doing all of this because his past is behind him or because he's trying to manipulate everyone around him? Edward Warren is one of the most interesting characters in a new series.

The final page of the issue leads Sheriff Crane and Finch down an interesting path. The mystery continues to build and as soon as the reader gets some answers, more questions pop up. NAILBITER is a roller coaster of a book that easily keeps the reader's interest. Looks like the next issue is going to be pretty grim.

The art on this book is awesome. Mike Henderson (art) along with Adam Guzowski (colors) up the creepy factor and really give this book the horror look and feel that it deserves. The opening two pages, alone, are a great way to set up the whole issue, with Edward's world, where flowers are too pretty for Edwards world and everything needs to be toned down, and the world of the local rednecks, which is dark and grim.

The Bad

No real downsides to the issue. There was a frustrating moment, in the morgue, where you just want to yell at the characters to turn around. I felt like I was at a movie theater.

The Verdict

NAILBITER is a horror/mystery on par with great films from that genre. The story and its characters are compelling and the overall book will keep readers in suspense, engaged, and ready for future issues. The art is a great compliment to the story, and frankly, this is one of the strongest horror books on the shelves because while it may be a bit out there with the different serial killers, it has a realistic feel to it. Overall, I highly recommend this issue.