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Ms. Marvel #2 - Part Two of Five: All Mankind Review


16 year old Kamala deals with her awakening powers while trying to make it home before curfew.

The Good

MS. MARVEL #2 is a bit of a weird issue, but for all the right reasons. It leaves the reader questioning the dreamscape that writer G. Willow Wilson, artist Adrian Alphona, and colorist Ian Herring painted for the reader. It's pretty surreal as the reader watches Kamala come to grips her new-found powers, which she really isn't sure if they are powers or not, and falls into her first "mission" as a hero by saving someone who fell of a pier. The issue may move a bit slow, but that's what makes this issue work. The reader is easing into this new world and character instead of diving in head first.

Where Wilson really shines is in the dialogue and narration throughout the issue. She takes us right into the head of a 16 year old girl, and does a fantastic job of straddling that line between childhood and adulthood with a dash of teenage awkwardness.

The narration is truly what makes this character compelling to the reader and rarely is it done this well. Wilson also takes time to further all of this by later exploring her family dynamic. She's really giving the reader a full scope of this character and it couldn't be done better.

The art of Adrian Alphona and colors of Ian Herring are impeccable throughout the issue. Alphona's style and Herring's color choices are just eye candy from page one. It's this great mixture of cartoon and realism. Certain aspects of these characters are a tad over-exaggerated, but the colors feel a bit more realistic.

There's some hints at who Ms. Marvel is and where she originally came from here, and if you listen to the CV Podcast, it's a theory GMan has had since the first issue. However, it's nothing more than a few hints.

The overall book is fun and whimsical. Tonally, it's not a huge move away from other Marvel books, but MS. MARVEL really has its own feel that sticks with the reader.

The Bad

This book is a bit out there, at least the first couple issues have been, and it may not be everyone's cup of tea.

The Verdict

This is one of those cases where I've been blown away by the creative team. I've never really cared about Ms. Marvel, mainly because I feel like I never got a chance to know this character, but this character isn't truly Ms. Marvel, so I feel right on the front lines with the rest of the readers. Wilson has a way with making readers feel accepted into this book and firmly establishing a character before diving into any larger story. She's taking her time and readers will ultimately appreciate that. This is a series you should throw on your pull list because it's a great new take on Ms. Marvel.

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Posted By iaconpoint

@ptigrusmagus: I know this is an older comment, but the 3 responses below you prove your point.

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Posted By Drewyetti

I'll get this in-trade

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Getting better

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Posted By V_Scarlotte_Rose

I quite enjoyed this issue. I'm wondering what'll be coming next, as these first two issues have felt like a little arc of their own. I get the feeling she'll be fighting some new Inhumans from her area that are using their powers for evil. Only a hunch though.

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I like the book but I still don't like her powers. Honestly I think he should stay away from teams and the superhero community or she will lose what makes her enjoyable.

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Posted By asjmooney

I was originally skeptical about this book but happy to say that it is now on the top of my pile every month

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Posted By dreamfall31

Rather than complain about this book in one online comment, post a review and elaborate why you don't like it!

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Posted By Owie

I liked it. It was a little inconsistent, but I feel like it has a lot of potential. The potential origin of her powers surprised me, I didn't catch the point of the fog in the first issue.

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No way this deserves more then two and half stars.

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@ptigrusmagus said:

Overrated comic book of the year

Totally agree, the art is nice but i don't feel like i'm reading superhero stuff...they want to make contact with fans too much...that's so full of clichés que ça en devient niais...that's cool if people find what they seek in it .The story and the characters psychological traits are too much that it looks like comic books for little girls exept for the beverage party stuff...and the growing hand...just ugly...too bad

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Would have been cool if the main character wasn't awful.

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Posted By consafo80

Loved the first issue and can't wait to read #2. My favourite All-New Marvel Now book so far.

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I really enjoyed this issue, and look forward to seeing where this story goes, weird things are a plus in my book, if i wanted generic stories i would watch TV.

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@ptigrusmagus said:

Overrated comic book of the year

Yup. Crap.

Okay then, what do you guys consider to be a good currently ongoing title?

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@ptigrusmagus said:

Overrated comic book of the year

Yup. Crap.

I can see not being as enthused as everyone else by it, but calling it crap is just flat out incorrect. Both issues have been perfectly fine and extremely fun.

This is shaping up to be a very good series.

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What can I say, haters gonna hate. This issue was really good and I'm completely sold on it.

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Loved it. I can completely relate to Kamala, growing up with strict immigrant parents.

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loving this.

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@rixec: I'll read it in the store, if I like it, I'll buy it.

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Can't wait to pick it up. As well as Captain Marvel.

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Overrated comic book of the year

look at how special you are

little bb


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@ptigrusmagus: The hell are you talking about? This book has been nothing but fun and exciting something comic books as a whole need.

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Overrated comic book of the year

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Posted By The Stegman

I liked the first issue..until she starts talking to hallucinations of the Avengers, that really put me off. I might just wait for the trade on this one.