Comic Vine Review


Moon Knight #5 - Scarlet


This is all about Moon Knight kicking major butt. It's a glorious story.

The Good

This is a true example of how a self-contained comic issue can be a wonderful thing. As much as I've been loving this series, there have been some times this approach has left me wanting a little more in terms of story developments. This is also a great example of the type of hero Moon Knight is. He's on a mission and does things in a way only he can.

The story is simple. Warren Ellis gives Moon Knight the task of trying to free a kidnapping victim being held in an abandoned building, full of armed thugs. With all the attitude we've seen Moon Knight (or should we say Mr. Knight) have, it's a glorious story.

Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire do wonders here. I'm not necessarily a big lover of violence but dang if this isn't fantastic to see. Shalvey manages to make this extended fight scene work. At no point does it feel tedious as he completely mixes things up from person to person. This really is something you need to see for yourself.

The Bad

It's unfortunate the building only have six floors and not more. It would have been great to see this go on even longer.

The Verdict

This comic is pretty much everything I could want in a Moon Knight comic. Warren Ellis delivers another self contained story but it is gloriously brought to life courtesy of Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire. If you've ever been curious about what Moon Knight would do against a building full of thugs, this is the issue for you. We get fight after fight and you're going to want it to keep going. This issue really puts Shalvey's storytelling to the test due to the minimal dialogue and he passes with flying colors. Don't miss out on this issue. Reading this will make it clear why I love Moon Knight so much.