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Moon Knight #10 - Death and Birth: Part 1 of 5


Moon Knight has been dealing with the different personas he's created. Turns out it goes back to when he was a kid.

Moon Knight's always been a character with a complicated life. We've seen some heroes, like Spider-Man, juggle having a superhero career along with a civilian life. Moon Knight started out having three different civilian identities: Marc Spector, Steven Grant, and Jake Lockely. Recently we've seen he's added Mr. Knight to the mix. One could only imagine the confusion this would create.

In recent years, we've seen how this has been taking a toll. Jeff Lemire began exploring the mental and psychological implications Marc is going through with this volume. While we see Mr. Knight still trying to find his way through a transformed New York City, we're also treated to some flashbacks to Marc's youth. These moments may not contain high-octane superhero action but are crucial in developing Moon Knight further. We've never seen him as a kid. What transpires is both fascinating and frightening.

You won't be reading a comic simply containing the childhood adventures of Moon Knight. Greg Smallwood's art and Jordie Bellaire's colors are gorgeous. Along with Marc as a kid, we get some spectacular and trippy moments with Mr. Knight. With the way the art and text are handled towards the end, you almost feel like you're taking the journey with him.

With this issue, the series feels like it's recapturing the magic we had in the first arc. We still have the struggle and mystery of what exactly is going on, but the addition of new insight into Moon Knight's childhood is a welcome area of exploration. Lemire, Smallwood, and Bellaire are a phenomenal team and a great fit for this title. This book is on fire.