Comic Vine Review


Moon Knight #1 - Welcome To New Egypt: Part 1 of 5


Everything Moon Knight knows and believes in is being questioned.

Here we go again. Moon Knight has long been one of my all-time favorite characters. His original series back in the 80s had something that was really appealing. You could see the other characters getting more attention given to them and included in the crossovers and events. Moon Knight pretty much just kept to himself. Perhaps this is part of the reason he's seen several series come and go. Moon Knight is back again with a new series by Jeff Lemire and Greg Smallwood. Perhaps this will be the series that really catches on.

A common theme, in some Moon Knight stories, has been Marc Spector's sanity. As a mercenary who was killed in the desert and resurrected by the god Khonshu, Marc embraced the chance to become the costumed vigilante known as Moon Knight. He also created the other non-costumed identities of cabbie Jack Lockley and millionaire Steven Grant. For the average hero, juggling two identities can be tough. Moon Knight was dealing with four, and this could have lead to stress on his sanity.

This new series begins with Marc locked up in an asylum. Could it be everything he (and readers) believed to have happened was all in his head? We've seen Moon Knight deal with hallucinations before, especially in Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev's run. It should be clear that something else is going on. We begin to see little seeds that hint towards a more nefarious situation set up for Marc. The good and the bad thing is we're getting some deep set up in place of the pure Moon Knight action returning readers might have been expecting or hoping for.

Greg Smallwood's art is simply amazing. Having worked on Moon Knight in the last volume, Smallwood returns and has amped up his game. Smallwood's art and Jordie Bellaire's gorgeous colors takes a simple setting and turns it into a phenomenal backdrop. I am overjoyed to see such incredible visuals for a character that means so much to me.

With many past series that have come and gone, Jeff Lemire is giving us a MOON KNIGHT series that stands apart from the rest. There is an abundant amount of mystery and suspense as we try to figure out exactly what is happening and what is real. Greg Smallwood and Jordie Bellaire's art and colors is a dream come true for Moon Knight fans. We have an intriguing set up with breathtaking visuals. This is the series and creative team Moon Knight fans deserve. I have high hopes for this series. I've had my heart broken before after seeing past series come to an end. There is a lot of set up here in place of pure action, but it's important in establishing the tone and direction. I have no idea where we're headed to next but I am thrilled to be along for the ride.