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Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #6


Peter tells Miles what happens to him

The Good

Miles gets some answers from Peter Parker about where he has been. There's also some very interesting revelations with what's happening to Norman Osborn. Brian Michael Bendis continues spinning his web of mystery... pun intended.

The last issue left readers with quite the cliffhanger. Jameson had shot Norman Osborn and seemingly killed him. Guess what? It doesn't end there! Can you kill Norman Osborn? Well, the answer is pretty obvious. You can't because he thinks he's immortal and by the looks of how this issue turned out, he actually is. What a cool revelation for the book and it really heightens the story. Osborn is one of the Ultimate Universe's coolest villains and he keeps evolving with the story lines, which is something that just works so dang good on paper.

Miles ends up facing Norman later on in the issue in some hand-to-hand combat, and Miles very easily stands his own ground thanks to his venom blasts. It was so surprising to see someone who is still relatively new, in the grand scheme of things, at being a super-hero. In addition, the fight scene itself is so incredibly well plotted out and extremely intense. This has to be one of the coolest battles of the week.

Fans do get some answers to why Peter Parker is back... some. Peter recaps the moments after his death where he found himself on an operating table and where he went after that, including visiting his own grave. However, nothing is very clear. Peter could still be a clone or he could be something else... He may even be a bit more connected to Osborn than originally thought, but I don't want to spoil anything for you guys here.

Every single month, David Marquez and Justin Ponsor deliver some fantastic art This month, Ponsor has Jason Keith helping out on colors. Marquez and Ponsor can make a scene of two people talking in a dark room extremely captivating and fill the scene with emotion and tension. In fact, they do that very thing in this issue. The final page isn't a big deal, but the look on Miles' face is wonderful. These guys are at the top of their game right now.

The Bad

Only minor complaints with the issue. The mystery is still building and rather than that immersing the reader in the story, it just increases frustration. Fans want to know something about Peter Parker coming back and while they catch a glimpse into what may have happened, it almost feels like it's not enough. In addition, there's a lot going on in this book with Peter and Miles and Norman coming back. Also, there's the Spider-Robbers running around too. There's way too much mystery in this book, and again, the answers coming out are very limited.

The Verdict

MILES MORALES is one of the top on-going series in comics right now. Sure, there's a few problems with how these mysteries are being revealed and pacing, at times, is rough, but the overall story is incredibly compelling and the art is fantastic. It's at a point where this has become my favorite Spider-Man title and Miles Morales is my favorite Spider-Man. I highly recommend checking this series out. You won't be disappointed.