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Midnighter #8 - Midnighter


Midnighter just went through a big ordeal but that won't stop him from beating up on more bad guys.

Midnighter recently dealt with a pretty big surprise and an epic battle. Not one to really sit around feeling sorry for himself, Midnighter immediately finds himself out in the middle of the action when some large dangerous beasts suddenly rampage the streets of Rochester. Throughout the battle, we discover the origin of these beasts and who is responsible. This leads Midnighter to team-up with a character I didn't even consider would be popping up in this series.

Steve Orlando continues to capture the essence of Midnighter. With his attitude and action, he's not always the most likable character but Orlando succeeds in making readers care about it. We saw what he was willing to give up last issue and the way he dives into the problem at hand here shows what he's made of. As you would expect, when we're not finding out more about what makes him tick, Orlando throws Midnighter in the middle of some crazy situations where his experience and skills are put to use.

David Messina's pencils and Gaetano Carlucci's inks work nicely for this self contained issue. There's a pretty wide variety in the action and situations that need to be depicted and they handle it with ease. Seeing the character that guest stars here makes me want to see more of him in the DCU.

The main story feels like it's wrapped up pretty quickly. This is a self contained issue and the situation wasn't extremely complex for Midnighter to handle so that is acceptable. The issue does set up his decision to work with Spyral. It's unfortunate that the impression was this aspect would be a major part of the issue, based on the solicitation. Regardless, we have something to look forward to as Midnighter gets ready to take on some new targets for the next issue.

Even when Midnighter takes on a lighter mission, Steve Orlando fills it with excitement. A lot of characters follow a certain archetype in comics but Midnighter continues to walk down his own path. He's a great addition to the DCU and this series never skips a beat. The art by David Messina and Gaetano Carlucci fits the story nicely and you have to love the team-up no one saw coming. MIDNIGHTER is a series that should be on everyone's radar. If you haven't been reading it, go back and track down each issue. You'll thank me for doing so.