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Men of War #2 - Above The Air; Navy Seals: Human Shields, Part 2


Sgt. Rock finds that there is a element to his battles that is a bit more "out there." How will the knowledge he was given affect his decision in battle?

Sgt. Rock is pulled far above the Earth by Circe and told to leave the battle behind him.

The Good

Men of War does a great job of explaining the little things to the civilians who read the books. I'm not a military person, by any means, but my friends that do serve use many of the terms in this issue. Many of these terms and initial-isms are explained in caption boxes. This helps with making non-military personnel feel comfortable with the book without losing realism.

At first, I hated when they introduced Circe, a Wonder Woman villain, into this book. After finishing the issue, I felt it was a really cool addition to the book. As great as a war book is on its own, we've seen a ton of them, and introducing DC characters into the mix can really spice things up. I'm very excited to see who else will pop-up in this book and how Sgt. Rock and his team will team with these meta-humans/gods.

The Bad

There's been very few times I've enjoyed back-up stories, and once again, this was a time where I really didn't care. The Men of War story and the Navy Seals back-up feel so different, even though they're both about the military, except Men of War feels more personable because it's mainly about Sgt. Rock. That story has a face, and I care about the characters.

With the back-up, the Men of War story gets cut 4 pages, and it's noticeable. The issue introduces the reader to Circe and the idea that this world has god and meta-humans. We get to see the end of one of Sgt. Rock's missions, but it moves by quickly. I wanted more.

The Verdict

Men of War, overall, is one of my personal favorites, but just the Men of War story. I don't care for the Navy Seals back-ups. I love the fact DC has some non-super hero/non-mystic comics, even though we get a taste of meta-human making their way into the book, which strangely I enjoyed. I feel like this book is very new reader friendly and caters very well to people who don't understand military terminology. I'm very excited to continue reading this book, even though I didn't like this one as much as the first issue. I recommend this book.

Since I plan on reading the first three issues of the new 52, I plan on giving my rating for the 1st and 2nd issues, just to see if the book is either holding up or getting better than the first.

Men of War #1 - 4

Men of War #2 - 3