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Magneto: Not A Hero #4 - Conclusion


Magneto finally faces off against his clone in a very public battle.

The Good

The final battle between Magneto and his clone, Joseph, happens in this final issue of Skottie Young's mini-series. If I had to sum up this book in one word after looking back at the previous four issues it would absolutely have to be 'consistent.' The pacing throughout this series is consistent and perfect: at no point did it feel forced or rush, which is fantastic.

Aside from the gorgeous art by Clay Mann, Seth Mann, and David Curiel; this book had awesome characterizations. There have been plenty of times where a publisher released a mini series that really doesn't fit into continuity and that leaves the readership wondering "why did I invest in this?" By the end of MAGNETO: NOT A HERO, however, the reader will get an idea of exactly why this story is important to Magneto's character. Scottie Young solidifies Magneto's character: he is different than he used to be. He is no longer Erik vying for power, although his ambitions and hopes remain the same; he has since resolved to go about getting what he wants through different means. There are some truly fantastic moments where the character essentially sees a mirror image of the man he used to be in Joseph: a man who has no problem with destruction if it ultimately means getting what he wants. It's a great series of panels that divide the action and the character development very eloquently.

The Bad

When you have two guys with exactly the same power set, you're going to assume that they won't just move the same, but they will think very similarly as well. Which is why I thought it so strange that the battle between Joseph and Magneto lasted for such a short period of time. When these two were inevitably going to face off, I figured that readers would witness a prolonged, drawn out, epic battle which we certainly did not get. Obviously the four part mini had to end with this final, fourth issue; but it did feel a little bit premature.

The Verdict

This book has had some really gorgeous art and the writing has been on point. While I am sad to see the book go, I am glad that the we got a really well written and very pretty store that focused on Magneto as a character, giving readers a great chance to see how far Mags has come. Truly great stuff in this series. I recommend picking it up from the beginning rather than starting with the fourth and final issue, for obvious reasons.