Comic Vine Review


Magneto: Not A Hero #2 - Chapter Two


Erik comes face to face with a very familiar face, and the result is not pretty.

The Good

So far, writer Skottie Young is doing an absolutely phenomenal job organizing this four issue mini-series, making it clear cut, concise and really easy to jump into for any new reader. If you were able to check out the first issue of this series then you may recall the end where a character who was previously believed to have been dead, made his return to comics. The second issue opens chronicling how the character makes his return -- and it's great. I really appreciate that Young didn't glaze over the how and why, and made it clear to the readers so early on in this four-issue story.

Between Clay Mann's pencils, Seth Mann's inks and David Curiel's colors; you get a gorgeous book with vibrant colors that will suck you in panel after panel. The bleakness of the first few pages where Astra summons Magneto's rival from the dead is absolutely brilliant. This book is just gorgeous. The artists took their time illustrating the background, which I personally really appreciate. The details of the background in every panel really helps draw the reader into the story and make them feel like they are there.

The thing I really enjoy about this book is the parallel between the Magneto that was and how he has evolved as a character. While his beliefs have remained the same, his methods to accomplishing them have changed. It's an interesting contrast and it's nice to see the two characterizations side by side. I hope that within the next two issues Skottie Young delves a little bit deeper into Erik's convictions and beliefs regarding where mutants stand.

The Bad

This is an absolutely fantastic issue. No complaints here!

The Verdict

If you don't know much about Magneto, or you never really liked the character, this might be a great four-issue mini to delve into. MAGNETO: NOT A HERO is not only beautifully illustrated, but it explores the changes that have been made to Erik's character over the years, giving new and old readers alike an opportunity to explore the character and see what makes him tick. This is gearing up to be a really awesome series, and I will be interested in seeing whether or not Erik undergoes any changes that may revert him back to his old ways. We will have to wait and see. I definitely recommend this book.