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Magneto: Not A Hero #1 - Chapter One


What happens when Magneto's past literally comes back to haunt him? The first issue in this four-part miniseries reveals some rather interesting challenges the character will be forced to face.

The Good

If you're anything like me, then you've been waiting for Magneto to return to the forefront of Marvel. After all, he can crush Iron Man's like a tin can with the mere flick of his wrist, so its still a little bit weird to see this all powerful character who has always had his own agenda become a team player -- and stay one for so long. The good news? The first issue of Magneto: Not A Hero does not disappoint. In fact, if you go out to the comic store this week and have to buy one comic book, make it this one. It's that good.

The story opens at an anti-mutant rally, where protestors are spewing their hatred for mutant-kind. They quickly change their tune, however, when they come face to face with Magneto, who proceeds to crush them all almost instantly. But whats going on here? I thought Mags had had a change of heart; started working with the good guys? Since when did he revert back to his old ways.

Captain America and Iron Man ask to meet Cyclops and Magneto after the incident to interrogate Eric. The thing is, meetings between the Avengers and the X-Men never always go as planned -- and the disagreements between the two teams definitely keeps Marvel stories interesting.I thought it was great that Cyclops and Magneto both show up to the meeting with their guard down, ready and willing to have a peaceful discussion; but the two Avengers show up in full uniform and completely prepared for the worst case situation.

What I really loved about this issue is that it shows that even though Magneto is cooperating with the Avengers, and is now a member of the X-Men, he hasn't changed that much. His philosophies are still the same. He still believes that mutants are still still superior, and he doesn't hide that from his banter with Tony Stark.

"I've entertained you humans long enough. Oh, Mr. Stark. I slightly admire you for thinking you could let me do anything. You may have limited the amount of metal in this room, but I am still not a man easily limited.

Basically, you do not want to mess with Magneto.

Not only is the dialogue between the characters fantastic, but the story itself will have you at the edge of your seat and leave you wanting more.

The Bad

Seriously, nothing at all bad about this issue.

The Verdict

If you've missed Magneto in the spotlight, you'll be really happy to pick up this four issue miniseries. Not only is it a story entirely revolving around the character and his personal demons and the repercussions of his past transgressions, but it also serves to tell a great story that highlights the character who continues to maintain his personal convictions, even if he's changed a lot. Clay Mann's pencils are gorgeous, and Seth Mann and Norman Lee's colors are vibrant and breathtaking. This one is a definite winner.