Comic Vine Review


Lumberjanes #3


Get your math badge, Lumbergeniuses!

The Good

LUMBERJANES is definitely establishing itself as a fun, quirky book, but this month's issue solidifies it as a title that's empowering to all sorts of readers. The Lumberjanes, quite plainly, kick butt at the teamwork thing, highlighting everyone's strengths and boosting up all of their ideas. Plus we get some serious brains-over-brawn moments (using physics to win an arm-wrestling contest!)

The Lumberjanes are almost certainly taking those teamwork cues from the creative team, who bring this title together seamlessly and with heart. LUMBERJANES strikes a balance between "handcrafted" (hand-lettering, wiggly, free panel borders) and "polished" (stellar palette selection, lively layouts, and characters so animated they might start moving), and every component comes together to make a really swell book.

LUMBERJANES is utterly approachable, giving every reader someone they can identify with. As the 'Janes crash through the maze of challenges, they react authentically -- with mixes of excitement, fear, boldness, and levity -- and they have a charmingly unique lexicon that absolutely needs to catch on.

The Bad


The Verdict

Delightful and irreverant -- and still sharp enough to throw a math or word puzzle at readers -- LUMBERJANES is a fun read for all ages. It's not the sort of all-readers book that's too juvenile or simple for grown-ups -- pop culture and literary references abound, and it's whip-smart. I can't wait to see what the team brings together next month. There's probably a super rad badge -- and more great story -- involved.