Comic Vine Review


Lumberjanes #2


River monsters on the canoe trip? This camping book is getting IN TENTS. (Can I get my Pungeon Master badge yet?)

The Good

Last month's debut was boisterous and entertaining, and LUMBERJANES brings it right back with a fun, spirited second issue. This time, the girls dive into danger on a canoeing trip, and the book's signature supernatural elements appear instantly. River monsters, three-eyed eagles, and the risk of drowning make this month's issue a fast-paced, action-packed read, while great character moments temper the pace and keep things sweet.

The ensemble cast works really well for this book, and with so many personalities in the bunch, there's someone relatable for just about every reader. Whether it's rule-abiding leader Jen, rambunctious Ripley, catch-phrase queen April, or any of the rad gals that make up the 'Janes, a kindred spirit is easy to find -- presuming that you like adventure. Noelle Stevenson and Grace Ellis have dreamed up a cast that teenage-camper-me would have loved to be friends with and grown-up-me admires for their charm and moxie.

Brooke Allen rocks the page, drawing energetic, whimsical panels, and even spilling over into some rad gutter drawings. Everything is bright and lush and pop-off-the-page fun (colorist Maarta Laiho can take credit for that!), and LUMBERJANES is a joy to look at. Complementing Allen's illustrations -- and really bringing the book's tone home -- are handwritten letters by Aubrey Aiese.

The Bad

Nada. This book is a breath of fresh air. I love gritty, dark books, but sometimes I need something like LUMBERJANES to make me feel great about the world.

The Verdict

LUMBERJANES is just plain enjoyable; it's a delightful read with great energy, and it's one of the books I look forward to most because it's just so fun. Seriously. Pick up a copy, perk up your Wednesday. I'm also deeply curious about the Lumberjane badges and how to earn them for-real. (Can this be a thing?)