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Lobster Johnson: The Burning Hand #5 - 5 (of 5)


The action-packed final issue in the five part mini-series.

The Good

There's absolutely everything you could want in this issue: suspense, action, a pretty girl and of course, cannibals. I mean, you can't have a great comic book without cannibalism, right? All kidding aside, however, the finale of this Lobster Johnson five-part series was phenomenal. This final issue was certainly on par with the previous four, which followed Lobster on a mystery as the vigilante did his best to crack the case. The result is a really fun story that isn't dark and dreary, but it's still dark enough to be considered a little bit noir. Set in the 1930's, this issue focuses on Lobster Johnson's abilities as a detective during that era. One thing I really felt this issue captured was the element of surprise. When Lobster was lured into a basement full of -- well, I don't want to spoil it for you -- I was completely taken aback. That's definitely not a moment I was anticipating.

I liked Cindy's character and I thought it was great that even though the story is set in the 1930's, Cindy doesn't play the role of damsel in distress -- which is good. She's really given her own personality and that's one thing I really liked about this issue. Tonci Zonjic's pencils are fantastic and Dave Stewarts colors are the perfect touch to set the mode and tone of the story. This issue is full of a lot of surprises.

I am really sad to be seeing this book come to an end and I really hope that Dark Horse decides to release another Lobster Johnson story -- I think he's an intriguing character and I feel that Mignola and Arcudi have proven that there is a lot of potential for great stories you can tell using Johnson's background and history.

The Bad

Nothing bad here -- fantastic story!

The Verdict

A great issue if you've been reading the Lobster Johnson series from Dark Horse. As good as this story is, however, if you haven't been reading the series (4 issues before it) then you might be slightly confused. This issue is not at all meant to be a jumping on point for new readers -- that's not to say you can't appreciate all the great scenes, characters and plot in this issue.