Comic Vine Review


Lobster Johnson: The Burning Hand #2 - 2 (of 5)


Lobster Johnson returns for another gorgeous, pulpy and exciting issue of his self-titled five issue mini series.

The Good

The 1930's pulp hero, Lobster Johnson, returns for a five-issue series published by Dark Horse Comics written by Mike Mignola and John Arcudi. The series' second issue dives into Johnson's thrilling adventure. The story opens to Johnson and a journalist he rescued. Both characters quickly realize they have been trailing the same mobster, Arnie Wald.

Johnson is something of a detective and vigilante, all rolled into one. He is sly, silent and elusive but the little discussion he has with the reporter at the start of the issue is really entertaining. The story is filled to the brim with rich characters, and the absolutely breathtaking art of Tonci Zonjic and Dave Stewart capture the tone of the era. The look and feel of the book is very pulp, so if you're into that genre you will definitely be entertained.

It wouldn't be Mignola without a dash of mystery and occult, and you get that with what appears to be one of the adversaries of Johnson's in this issue. Who are Raimund and Kamala? What exactly are Raimund's powers? Something tells me Lobster Johnson will have to do a little bit more than shoot the bad guys in order to take on the mysterious Raimund and Kamala.

The Bad

Nothing bad here. Beautiful issue. Fantastic story.

The Verdict

If you are into pulp and stylized stories set in the 1930's with mobsters, gunmen and vigilantes then this is the book for you. Mignola and Arcudi weave another exhilarating tale in the second issue of this five-issue series that will keep you at the edge of your seat. Rich and interesting characters combined with stunning pencils and colors make this one of the best books out this week. The end will leave you with plenty of questions. Definitely a great jumping on point, even though it is the second issue. I highly recommend this comic.