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Legion of Super-Heroes #1 - Renegade World


The Legion of Super-Heroes have arrived! Returning Legion writer, Paul Levitz, kicks off this new 52 series in style.

Legion of Super-Heroes is here! It features the writing of Paul Levitz, the art of Francis Portela, and the colors of Javier Mena.

The Good

Starman? Wait... Star Boy? Well, it's still Thom, so I'm excited regardless. He may not be crazy, like he was in Justice Society of America, but it's nice to see him and Mon-El in this book. Two characters a bit more familiar to non-Legion readers.

For a Legion book, the art is spectacular. It feels like most of the time Legion books get pretty good writers and not-so-good artists. Francis Portela does a good job in this issue of telling the story and giving distinct looks to all the characters.

The Bad

I really want to like this book. I try to like Legion of Super-Hero books, but I can't get into this issue. The story, which isn't really there, isn't compelling, and the actually issue, like most Legion books, is jumpier than a four-year-old on a Pixie stick bender. As always, there's way too much going on and way too many characters being thrown at you. Most of the time, for me, that was the charm of this book. You never knew who was going to pop up in an issue.

That's the dilemma. This book falls back into its old routine of only catering to Legion fans, and no one else. It's just not accessible to anyone buy Legion of Super-Hero fans. There's numerous stories going on with numerous characters. It's enough to make your head spin.

The Verdict

It's not a bad book, but it's not great either. It's a little bit less than "down the middle." Legion isn't the most accessible comic, and this book doesn't really help at all. In fact, that's my major complaint. I've wanted to get into L.O.S.H. for a while, and every time I pick up an issue I'm utterly confused. The art style is great, and the actual dialogue is good, but this the story is so jump and it's a disappointing first issue. Let's just see how the next couple issues turn out.