Comic Vine Review


Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure #1 - Ceremonies In Dark Men and Scarlet Women: Chapter One of Legenderry


Bill Willingham is taking a bunch of characters you're familiar with and re-imagining them with a Steampunk twist.

The Good

I may not be the biggest Steampunk fan but I really like the idea behind his comic. Bill Willingham is taking several Dynamite characters we know and re-imagining them in this time period. I have to admit, I am highly intrigued with the idea of characters like Vampirella, Green Hornet, the Bionic Man, Flash Gordon and others all existing and interacting in the same comic universe. By placing them all in a Steampunk era, it puts them all on equal grounds, in a way.

Within the opening pages, we get a good idea what this world is like. Through a broadcast, we get a taste of what the setting is. Through a conversation between Vampirella and Green Hornet, we know where they stand in this world and what they're up to.

If you've seen the trailer Dynamite put out, you have an idea what the art is like. Sergio Davila really cuts loose, especially when the action kicks in. There may be a sort of refined look to the characters in this era but that won't stop Vampirella from tearing her foes apart, literally.

Throughout all of this, there is also a bit of a mystery. We're see a certain character come in and that will likely bring about the other characters getting involved or introduced.

The Bad

This series is off to a good start. My first reaction was a little bit of disappointment in not seeing all or certain of the characters that will appear later. Granted, the solicit does make it clear that not everyone appears in this issue. It's good that we're not immediately slammed with all these "new" characters right away as they should have a proper introduction. The issue is a bit of a set up but given that this is a new take, it's what is needed.

The premise of the 'mystery' that brings some of the characters together isn't a big one. There may be more to it than we're seeing so far but it's hard to tell just how dynamic this hook will be.

Davila's art is really good but there were some moments it felt like it faltered a little.

The Verdict

If you're a fan of Bill Willingham, Steampunk or any of the characters that will be appearing in this series, you will want to check out this comic. Taking all these characters and placing them in a different time period is a great way for a new introduction to all of them in a new shared universe. Sergio Davila's art fits the time period and captures the action nicely. There were a couple moments the art felt a little flat and I may have greedily wanted to see more characters. The real deciding factor is whether or not you're a fan of steampunk and the idea of these characters in that environment.