Comic Vine Review


Lady Killer #2


Journey back to the 1960s. It was a wholesome and innocent time. Unless you count the antics of this lovely killer for hire.

The Good

The first issue of LADY KILLER blew me away. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the story by Joëlle Jones and Jamie S. Rich along with the art by Jones and colors by Laura Allred showed me there were still comic book ideas I wasn’t expecting. It’s not often a new book manages to completely capture my interest in the way LADY KILLER has.

Our main character, Josie Schuller, is a seemingly innocent and wholesome housewife in the 1960s. She’s running that picture perfect household but she does have some extracurricular activities her husband and children are unaware of—she’s also a killer for hire.

Picking up where the first issue left off yet remaining new reader friendly, we see Josie going undercover for another mission. This book perfectly captures the feel of the time period. As you would expect, she is not the most likely killer so that tends to work to her advantage. As we see her going after her target, it's a great way to explore more of this world being set up. Just when you think you know where this issue is going, the book almost detours in another direction, showing that this is not just a one trick pony.

The book has a really unique feel to it. The story pulls you in and the art just pops off the page. It has an almost innocent feel to it but then you realize there's a bit of violence going on at the same time. It's such a strange mixture and just works together beautifully.

The Bad

The only bad thing is this is a miniseries. Hopefully that will change.

The Verdict

LADY KILLER is the type of comic you haven't really seen before. We're introduced to a new world taking place in the 1960s. Joëlle Jones and Jamie S. Rich are creating the perfect mixture of the innocence of the 1960s "wholesome" feel with the deadly world of a killer for hire. Jones' art with Laura Allred's colors are simply fantastic. It's hard to prepare yourself for the glory and gruesomeness of this wonderful book. I can't get enough.