Comic Vine Review


Lady Killer #1


Prepare to meet the seemingly innocent housewife described as "Betty Draper meets Hannibal." You will be amazed.

The Good

I got to read this issue last month and was immediately blown away. This is one of those comics that felt like it just came out of nowhere. It sneaks up from behind and completely catches you off guard. The combined visuals will play with your senses. It appears we have an innocent housewife from the 1960s but then we soon discover there is something dark and sinister about her.

All of this should be evident on the cover. Joëlle Jones's art will amaze and terrify you at the same time. It almost looks like we have an innocent household ad from the period but the fact that there's a ton of blood should tip you off as to what you can expect.

The story by Jones and Jamie S. Rich introduces us to Josie Schuller. She will be trying to balance the life of the perfect mother and housewife with that of a cold-blooded killer for hire. With the 60s vibe going on, it's an incredible visual journey.

Enhancing Jones' amazing art is the colors of one of my favorite colorist, Laura Allred. It's like the icing on an insanely delicious and gorgeous cake. Check out our interview with Jones if you haven't already HERE.

The Bad

I'm not an overly morbid or dark person but I just fell in love with this book. There isn't anything I can complain about.

The Verdict

There are times you need to simply try a brand new comic. LADY KILLER needs to be that comic. With a strange mix of a 1960s wholesome vibe and a some serious violence, this is a refreshing book that gives you something delightfully different. Things do get messy but because of the art and colors, it doesn't really feel gratuitous. Okay, maybe just a tiny bit. This book might not be for everyone but there is something pretty spectacular about it all. This may be just be a five-issue miniseries but I truly hope we can get more. I am so incredibly curious to see everything we can about the world of LADY KILLER.