Comic Vine Review


Klaus #2


Klaus is on the run after delivering Yuletide cheer to the locals.

Klaus goes on a mission at night to bring toys and fun to the children of the town. However, that's looked down upon by the powers that be, so the hunt for Klaus continues.

What's surprising about this book is that it's actually a bit of a fun and heartwarming story. It doesn't feel like a Grant Morrison book and it's a refreshing surprise to see him write something a bit more basic with the heart of the story right in front of the reader. The story still has a lot of darkness to it, something that Morrison does sensationally well. The issue really feels like the reader is on a chase, with Klaus, running away from those that would do him harm.

The final pages leave the reader at a nice cliffhanger, wondering if Klaus is going to get away with his horrid crimes of leaving toys in the houses for the children. The book does a fine job at grabbing the reader in and giving them enough to come back for seconds. The only real downside is that it feels like this issue does move a bit slow. This feels like something that would read better in an overall trade rather than in a single issue.

While the writing and story are great, artist Dan Mora does a stellar job with the art. This is an artist to keep your eye on as he has a style that both portrays the fun and sinister aspects of Morrison's storytelling. His color work is brilliant and gets the characters to pop off the page, while he delivers an immense amount of detail to each panel, especially in the backgrounds. The almost cartoonish facial expressions work well for the book and Mora is great at showing movement within these panels.

KLAUS is an intriguing concept that delivers a fun story, with some darker undertones. Grant Morrison and Dan Mora provide an entertaining and thrilling issue that continues to build the mythos of Klaus. BOOM! Studios has something awesome here that is great to read for the holiday season.