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Justice League Dark #26 - Forever Evil: Blight - The Haunted Sea Review


'Forever Evil' is underway and Constantine is trying to find his old teammates. Too bad he'll have to deal with the evil Earth 3 version of Aquaman first.

The Good

You have to love a book that can have it's main character (in this case, Constantine), wonder around for a few pages, talking, while having been decapitated. Constantine is proving more and more that he just might have what it takes to be a leader. We see he is still completely full of faults but he does have a high level of skills at his disposal. This story may tie into FOREVER EVIL overall, but it's also tying into the Forever Evil: Blight story as well.

Because of the results of Trinity War, Constantine is trying to find his former teammates. To do so, he's enlisted the help of some others. It's great seeing his interaction with Swamp Thing due to their recent encounter. Nightmare Nurse I can take or leave. At least she's there to put Constantine in his place when necessary. Seeing Phantom Stranger and Pandora with others definitely adds some spice to the mix.

Of course, the big draw for many is the fact that the Sea King is somehow here after being killed when the Crime Syndicate appeared at the end of Trinity War. He may be a dark version of Aquaman but that's part of what makes him intriguing. His appearance here will definitely leave some ramifications.

Mikel Janin's art does a fine job balancing the mystical realms as well as the other crazy locations called for in this issue. You'll get a kick out of the battle between the team and the Sea King.

The Bad

The past few issues have been a little convoluted. We in the middle of a tie in story arc within a story arc. The cover doesn't even mention Forever Evil: Blight and that may leave some readers confused if they haven't been following the other tie in issues.

This may be a personal gripe but I just can't take Blight seriously. He reminds me a little of Serpentor in G.I. Joe. I don't feel like he's a complete embodiment of evil.

You have to be sure to read PHANTOM STRANGER #15 to find out what happens next. Crossovers are great but it's a bit of a bummer when you feel forced to read another series. Although, you should be reading PHANTOM STRANGER.

The Verdict

While a lot of the action of FOREVER EVIL is going on in the main series as JUSTICE LEAGUE, JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK continues to show us that there is more to the story. John Constantine is doing his best to step up to locate his missing teammates and has formed an allegiance with some others. To make things even more dire, they will soon find themselves facing the Sea King, thought dead at the end of Trinity War, as well as a whole bunch of dark magic. This event within an event will definitely leave a mark on this title so don't miss it.

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Posted By manwithoutshame

This story has been pretty good so far.

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Edited By MadFacedKid

I need to pick this up. :D

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Posted By Vitalius
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Posted By Oscars94

Yes he's not dead!

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Posted By timelord

The scale of Forever: Evil continues to amaze me with every issue. I think that is due to the fact I am reading all the tie ins but still the sense of destruction you get is just awesome. Hard to think we are over the half way point already for this event the time has just flown buy in a good way.

As far as this issue goes a really entertaing read Constantine up to his old tricks again and I pretty much agree with every thing you said Tony good review :)

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Edited By cuddles667

Two things about Evil Aquaman:

1) He needs an eyepatch. Superfriends should have hinted as much.

2) I know it's pre-Flashpoint, but Busiek already came up with a cooler name: Barracuda!

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Posted By mightyrearranger

It's been a great book and team, but I'm totally with you on Blight. Dude's a pretty blah villain. I was really hoping for a semi-established figure or an old entity to be used. Eclipso or even Arcane could have been cool.

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Posted By Needlebay

Aquaman from Earth 3 is bad ass.

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Posted By Sun_Pusher

@vitalius said:


The tittle has been good since the beginning.

Wasn't this issue sold as the Batman vs Luthor issue and yet they never even really came to blows.

These Forever Evil covers man, they sit on a throne of lies.

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Edited By Vitalius

@sun_pusher: Batman vs Lex Luthor on Justice League Dark also known as magic tittle? Maybe it is Forever Evil Tittle, Justice League Dark is dealing with Blight, FE Gotham War is about Batman Rogues at war each other, JL is about Cyborg, JLA about Stargirl and Manhunter, FE Rogues is about Flash Rogues and FE A.R.G.U.S about Steve Trevor and A.R.G.U.S. The obivious that only be Forever Evil Tittle.

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@sun_pusher: In this issue Sea King returned from the dead and gave the JLD a massive beatdown, how is that a lie?

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Posted By Jake Fury

Really nice twist with Sea King and the reveal in this issue. Also interested in seeing what Phantom Stranger is up to in the next issue.