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Justice League Dark #22 - Trinity War, Chapter Three: House of Cards


The Phantom Stranger intervenes to help figure out why Superman killed Doctor Light. The lines are drawn in the sand as members of all Justice Leagues take sides.

The Good

Wonder Woman seeks out the Justice League Dark in hopes they have the answer to why Superman killed Doctor Light. Each member of all the Justice Leagues pick sides to who they think is in the right in this exciting issue.

Holy moly! I've been a fan, so far, with what's going on in the Trinity War, but this issue just gave "Trinity War" a whole new meaning. The teams have all chosen new sides. While the title "Trinity War" felt like it was a war mainly involving Pandora, Phantom Stranger, and The Question, we can see now this may boil down to a war between Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman. The crossover between the teams makes sense, and more importantly, it works. My biggest concern was how the JLD was going to fit into this event. The way they fit in is ok and feels a tad forced, but the outcome from this issue and how the JLD plays into it is what I found to be fantastic.

I'm slowly turning around on Wonder Woman. She's never been a character I've enjoyed, but I feel the same way about most characters tied into myth (Ares, Thor, Hercules, etc). Her main series has been great, but I actually found myself loving her depiction here. There's quite the connection between her and Superman in the JUSTICE LEAGUE series, and we get to see that here. She will do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of this, even if it means harming heroes she thinks are standing in her way. She truly cares for Superman, and it shows here.

Mikel Janin has been my favorite artist on this story so far. I love how he draws Superman, and I love the colors Jeromy Cox uses. The depictions of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Phantom Stranger are by far my favorites... especially Wonder Woman. I feel like we're seeing these characters in a brand new light visually. It's so smooth and crisp. The art is insanely clean. It's one of the big reasons why I love reading JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK so much. There's one scene, in particular, with a powered-up Supes, with his eyes glowing, that looks spectacular.

This just keeps getting better and better. The last page is one heck of a reveal. Without spoiling anything, this is a big game changer and it will change how we think about one of our heroes. I cannot wait for the next issue. This is the most fun I've had reading an event book since Civil War.

The Bad

Aquaman is in this issue, but he doesn't really do anything. If you're reading the AQUAMAN book, he's in the middle of something pretty important right now. He feels like he doesn't serve a purpose other than just being there. Yes, he's a Justice League member, but it feels like he doesn't fit in this book or story.

I thought The Question only spoke in questions. There's a few moments where he just makes regular old statements. I'm a bit confused by this.

The Verdict

Trinity War is awesome. I'm super-pleased with how this event is going. This issue really defines what the title Trinity War means and where it's going. I loved Lemire's and Janin's depiction of Wonder Woman and Superman here. JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK continues to be my favorite team book, and the tie-in works so well. I had a couple of minor complaints about The Question and Aquaman's involvement, but aside from that, this was one fantastic issue.

Overall, I highly recommend you pick this and the rest of Trinity War up.