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Justice League Dark #13 - War for the Books of Magic, Part 2: Revelations


It's the House of Secrets vs the House of Mystery! Dueling houses!

The Good

I've said a few times before that mysticism books are not my favorite. I have a hard time enjoying them; however, JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK, especially since writer Jeff Lemire took over, has been one of my favorite DC books. I'll put it this way. You know when you pick up a stack of books from your LCS and you have that one comic you can't wait to read, so you'll sit in the parking lot and read it in your car? That's JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK for me. It's so good that I'll read it in my car.

Issue 13 does not disappoint as Nick Necro returns from the dead in order to do the same thing the JLD are doing, find the Books of Magic. What I liked most about this issue is that each character has a moment to showcase who they are and what their abilities are and it feels natural. Many times, in team books, when they try to do this it feels forced mainly because the team doesn't work well together or the writer doesn't know how to write multiple characters at once. Writer Jeff Lemire does a great job at not only making this all feel natural, but it moves the story along.

Sorry about the upcoming spoiler block, but I give a few things away.

Nick Necro is back and more powerful than ever! I really enjoyed what I saw from this character in the 0 issue, and I'm glad he's back. He makes a great adversary for this team, especially with his long sorted history with Zatanna and Constantine.

Mikel Janin did the layouts of this issue and Victory Drujiniu did the "finishes." I'm not sure what that entails, but it doesn't matter because the art is awesome in this issue. Every page is filled with a tremendous amount of detail and the color work of Ulises Arreola is nothing short of brilliant.

A house is chasing another house in Limbo. Yes, that's a thing happening in this issue, and it's awesome.

The Bad

In order to really appreciate what is going on here, you need to read Justice League Dark #0. It adds a lot to this issue.

This is not a good place to jump on to this book, which I really recommend you do. Pick up Justice League Dark #9 for the start of this story line.

The Verdict - Pick of the week!

I love JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK. Since Jeff Lemire has taken over this book, it's become one of my favorites at DC. This is a fantastic issue where we get to see one house chase another through Limbo. Sure, that's not all that happened, but it's my favorite moment of the week. We get to see some great fight scenes here and this issue ends on a bit of a downer. The writing and art are top notch. I highly recommend you go back and pick up issue 9 to get caught up. This issue is my pick of the week!