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Justice League #6 - Justice League, Part Six; Pandora


The Justice League lies nearly defeated and are facing the biggest threat they've seen. Could this be the end of the team?

This is the final battle between what's left of the Justice League and Darkseid. This will determine the future of the team as well as the DC Universe.

The Good

Throughout the first five issues, we've seen the different characters come together. This hasn't been the typical Justice League story. There's been fighting between members as well as characters getting thoroughly defeated. Jim Lee has given us plenty of big epic battle scenes while Geoff Johns has subtly laying out the groundwork of what the team (and DC Universe) will become. Many have asked what happens to change the atmosphere between this story taking place five years ago and the present. A lot of that is answered here.

I've applauded Johns' gathering of heroes in this arc. The heroes are not used to working with others and they've never faced a threat of this magnitude. In order to save the day, they can't and won't simply hold hands and defeat Darkseid together. Each plays a different role in the battle. Each character has their own strengths. It's up to them to use their abilities and figure out how to combine them in order to end the battle. As for Darkseid, wait until you see what his true intentions are. We get to find out what he's really after.

This issue also begins a little differently. It starts out with a narration from an outsider. We know the general populace isn't completely used to or comfortable with superheroes. They've never seen this level of destruction and witnessing the gathering of these powerful individuals is something to see.

One complaint I've heard about this series is the price and the amount of content inside. We know we're supposed to be getting back-up stories and we do get one in this issue. It wasn't announced before and you might have heard the information as it was leaked out but we get a heck of a back-up. 

The Bad There's always the trade off with the layouts Jim Lee uses. It's great seeing big panels to show off the detail in his artwork but sometimes combined with the frantic pace of the story, it makes it feel as if it flies by. There was one panel that bothered me. Wonder Woman is taking a turn at Darkseid and has a big smile on her face. A couple pages before, she's showing a tougher warrior's grimace. That felt more fitting with the tone of the story and with what was at stake.  

The Verdict 

The new status of the DC Universe has been established. Questions are answered and at the same time, others are raised. Darkseid was an interesting choice as the first big villain for the heroes to face as they gathered together to form the Justice League. His threat level has been raised and his reasons for being on Earth plants the seeds for what's to come. Because we have Johns and Lee, we expect some big moments and they deliver.  There are some really great moments with each member showcasing their individual talents that will remind you how much potential they all have as a team. The back-up story was a welcome and long awaited treat. Those seven pages made a great issue even better. If this is just the opening act for the Justice League, I can't wait to see what Johns and Lee have planned for us next.