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Justice League #44 - Darkseid War, Chapter Four: The Death of Darkseid


Darkseid War Chapter 4. Things are getting intense!

Darkseid War continues to be a big and epic story. Featuring the big guns of the DC Universe, this should be the premiere title and it sure is looking that way. Geoff Johns is making this feel like a big DC Comics event that’s being contained to a single title (although we will be getting some side stories coming up in October). This is exactly what we could want in a Justice League story. With these powerful characters, we want to see them pushed to their limits and in a situation they wouldn’t normally be able to breeze through. Caught in the middle of a fight between Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor, it doesn’t get much bigger than this.

While this is a mission that will test the entire Justice League, we do see them spread apart a little. Batman, and his newly acquired Mobius Chair, is off on a side mission with Hal Jordan to seek out even more information about Anti-Monitor. Superman and Lex Luthor are also separated and something's come up to cause them to fight each other. As the League gets involved in the battle, there will be some repercussions and possible casualties. You can expect some big revelations and consequences here.

Then there's Jason Fabok's art. With Brad Anderson on colors, I couldn't imagine this chapter drawn by anyone else. I don't want to even try. There's the struggle with each page as part of you wants to zip through to the next page but the other part just wants to stop and stare at each panel. Fabok nicely mixes up the action and perspective. He gives us some nice long shots as well as extreme close ups of the characters. When the moment calls for it, he delivers some big and grand layouts that makes the action explode off the page. You simply don't want the issue to end as you read through it.

Darkseid War continues to deliver great chapter after chapter. In some ways, it feels like we're getting a nice and slow but steady build up. I have no idea how long this arc will last and I don't want to know. Each chapter cranks up the action just a little more. Although in this issue, things appear to have escalated pretty dang quickly. Geoff Johns is giving us a big comic book event while keeping it contained to a single series. Jason Fabok's art is incredible and Brad Anderson's colors are most impressive. This book is carving out its own path in the DCU. You can easily dive in and become submersed into the story and action. It's not often that a comic story can suck you in and completely grasp your attention. Now when can I read the next chapter?