Comic Vine Review


Justice League #25 - Forever Lost


This is where we find out more about Owlman's past on Earth 3 and what he has planned for Nightwing.

The Good

The Crime Syndicate has invaded the DC Universe and we're still finding out what happened between Trinity War and the beginning of FOREVER EVIL. The Syndicate has claimed the Justice League is dead (which we know is only true metaphorically) and are preparing to unleash their reign upon the world. And of course there was the little stunt with publicly revealing Nightwing's identity.

We have an idea what Earth 3 was like. We know everything is pretty much the opposite. That still doesn't prepare us for seeing the Earth 3 version of that fateful night in which Thomas and Martha Wayne met their end. This scene spells out just what this world was like. It also gives us a little more insight into Owlman's motives. So far, he's been the most fleshed out among the Syndicate. We know he has a connection to Dick Grayson because of the partner he had on Earth 3 but how this will affect Nightwing's predicament is interesting.

Another fascinating element of the issue is seeing the other criminal element now that the heroes are gone and the Crime Syndicate is laying out their groundwork. During this portion, we see the New 52 introduction of a character I've been waiting to see return.

I love seeing Doug Mahnke art whenever I get the chance. It's weird not seeing him fully attached to an ongoing and even though we a different art team last month, it's great seeing Mahnke take on these characters.

The Bad

Nothing to really complain about. In this overall story, it feels like we're seeing more developments in this series over the actual FOREVER EVIL issues.

The Verdict

I've been a little lukewarm with the notion of Forever Evil. The Crime Syndicate has always felt like more of a novelty. Geoff Johns shows another layer to them, specifically with Owlman. We may not have seen too much of what Earth 3 was like but we don't have to since Johns is giving us what we need. We're watching the story and fate of Dick Grayson unfold and also get treated to the return of a character that hasn't been seen in the New 52 so far. Mahnke depicts each scene nicely, including the origin of a familiar character we haven't seen lately. I'm really getting excited to see where this story goes.