Comic Vine Review


Justice League #20 - Prologue to Trinity War, Chapter Two: Secrets; Shazam! Chapter 12


After seeing the new members join the team and the theft of the Kryptonite Ring, things are only going to get messier for the Justice League. Plus, find out who the traitor is!

The Good

I've mentioned it before, we are seeing the next chapter of JUSTICE LEAGUE. Now that the team is established and we have an idea where they stand with each other and the world in general, they've decided to open their ranks. This comes at the best and worst time. With other problems to deal with, we've seen Batman's secret Batcave in the Batcave get infiltrated which lead to someone stealing the Kryptonite Ring and giving it to Despero.

The attack on the Watchtower allows us to see the new recruits in action. Can they act as a team? Can they survive against Despero? The issue also delivers more on the team's past, including the temporary membership of another certain character along with more on who the traitor is, or at least one of the traitors.

The action gets pretty crazy and is spread over different locations. We're definitely moving towards a different direction as you get the feeling some dark times are coming up for the team.

We are also nearing the end of Billy Batson and Black Adam's story in the back up by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank. You might think you know the whole story on them but you'll find some interesting developments.

We also find out Big Belly Burgers still exists in the New 52.

The Bad

Even though the action is heating up, there's a couple minor points that are questionable. Besides the motive behind Despero's attack (more so in who helped him), it's a little unclear why no one was at the Watchtower to meet the new recruits for their 'induction ceremony.' Batman might be busy with Cyborg in talking to Superman and Wonder Woman but you would think they wouldn't want the new recruits up there alone this early in their membership. And where was Aquaman during most of this time?

The art gets a little inconsistent at times. Zander Cannon does the layouts but we also have Gene Ha, Andres Guinaldo and Joe Prado doing the pencils. That's what adds to the feeling.

There's no way Element Woman's $54.82 order at Big Belly Burger (including nine shakes) would fit in two bags.

The Verdict

Geoff Johns is evolving the JUSTICE LEAGUE comic. We're seeing new members, secrets, attacks and developments among the members. While there was something about seeing the core seven members keep a tight nit group, we now have more opportunities that can be fleshed out. The main problem is there were moments the art felt inconsistent. We had a few different pencilers so that adds to the art being a little hectic. We're approaching the end of the Billy Batson/Shazam! story which is great but also sad (that it's coming to an end). You will want to see the revelations that come out of this issue. You can feel Johns has big plans for the title and they are just beginning.