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Judge Dredd: Year One #2 - The Long Hard Road Part 2: Turn On, Tune In, Bug Out


Still new to the force, Dredd finds that the world is a lot bigger than he originally thought.

There are some spoilers here.

The Good

In JUDGE DREDD: YEAR ONE #2, Dredd takes down the PSI-kids who were caught robbing the bank in the last issue. Dredd leans that the world isn't exactly what it seems as there are also parallel worlds around him. If you like gun shots and people yelling out "DROKK!" then this may just be the book for you.

At first, I really didn't like the idea of this being a much larger story than just Dredd taking on some a bunch of PSIs. That story, in itself, felt like it was enough to drive this mini-series. The idea of parallel worlds also being a main idea within this book seemed like overkill, at first read, but after going through the issue again, I felt it was a pretty cool twist and I liked the surprising turn this seemingly simple story took here.

Writer Matt Smith has a fantastic handle on the chaos that is Mega City One. There's lots of good world building here for a well established character and world; however, Smith is helping head this book into a pretty new-to-Dredd market: America. This is very new reader friendly.

What's really winning me over on this issue is the pencils & inks by Simon Coleby and the colors of Leonard O'Grady. This book has such a distinctive, hard-edged style to it. It's very rugged and fits the world of Dredd so well. This team really stands out about halfway through the issue, when Dredd fights off some punk kids who happen to "catch" on fire. Artistically, it's a great looking scene and a standout for issue 2.

The Bad

I had a bit of a problem with the bigger twist in this issue. This is a grittier, science fiction, crime book, but when it's revealed to Dredd that there are multiple universes and Dredd just jumps into one all willy-nilly through a dimensional tear. It felt out of character for Dredd, who is totally tough and awesome, but he's not just going to jump into something he doesn't understand. I like this twist, but I really disliked how it played out.

Again, as I said in the last review, this is more of a JUDGE DREDD: THE EARLY YEARS than a YEAR ONE.

The Verdict

Overall, JUDGE DREDD: YEAR ONE #2 is an incredibly cool book that ends up being a big game changer and more than just an "early years" book. I'm for sure on board now for the rest of the series. The writing is very solid and the art is fantastic here. On the downside, I wasn't too keen on Dredd's decision on the final pages of this issue. It seemed out of character and brash. And, just like I said last time, the title of this book doesn't reflect its contents.

Overall, I recommend this issue.