Comic Vine Review


Journey into Mystery #646 - Stronger Than Monsters, Part 1 of 5


We journey with Sif and find out who she is by embarking on a whole new adventure.

The Good

Like a lot of books that are based on characters from Asgard, the language in this issue is very descriptive and flowery -- and while that can be a bit jarring at times, I think overall it was good for setting the mood and tone of the main character and her world.

I really like the way that this issue is split into three parts. First, we open with a heavy action scene, and a dialogue that implies that Sif is on the search for "something more." You get the sense that this issue, and upcoming issues, will be about Sif and her own personal journey; her struggle as a warrior. You get some great little clues and insight into her character. She's clearly a strong character, but beyond being a warrior, who is Sif? One of the best moments for me appears on the second page of the issue. In this brief moment you can clearly tell that Sif is not just a very noble character, but she is also very compassionate. I don't want to give away what happens, but I think it is very telling of her personality.

I always find it funny when writers integrate modern tools and objects (like a flashlight, for example) into books that are set in Asgard. I found the scene where Sif is curiously eyeing the flashlight to be quite humorous, and I have to commend the fact that the writer inserted a very self-aware moment into this issue (think comic book within a comic book). It's a very cute little moment.

The art in this issue is absolutely stunning. I love the angularity of the panels; it gives the characters and the scenes appear very archaic. Beyond that though, I think artist Valerio Schiti's pencils are really well complimented by Jordie Bellaire's colors. Schiti captures expression and emotion brilliantly -- readers could pick this book up for the art alone. You will not be disappointed.

The Bad

While I think that the language in this issue was good for setting the tone of the characters and their environment (as I mentioned above), I think that there were moments that felt like it went a bit overboard. It isn't that it was too descriptive, but that there were lines that were supposed to be funny (like a joke) but because of the flowery dialogue, the jokes fell sort of flat.

The Verdict

Aside from the fact that I did feel that the writer overdid it with the dialogue in some parts, overall this is an absolutely beautiful issue with a fantastic story. First, it's a great issue to pick up if you are looking for something new. The journey of self discovery is a great premise for any title and I love that Sif gets to take center stage and we, as an audience, get to explore her character. We can become more familiar with characteristics and qualities that define her not only as a warrior, but as an individual. It will be fun to go on that journey as she finds out who she is. This issue does a great job setting up who Sif is and what her motivations will be in this series. It is also paired with some truly breathtaking artwork which you definitely will not want to miss. Overall, this is a great first issue for anyone who is curious about Sif, or for someone who is looking for something new to read. This first issue of her arc is definitely worth a look.