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Jonah Hex #69 - The Old Man


It isn't often that you finish reading a comic book and realize that you're holding a perfect issue. That is exactly the feeling I got after reading the latest issue of Jonah Hex. By far one of the best Jonah Hex comics I have read in a long time!

Issue #69 of Jonah Hex delves into new territory, exploring facets of Hex which are unfamiliar. The issue is incredibly executed, and is essentially, the perfect Jonah Hex story.

The Good

What can I say about this issue? With lines like "Ah pissed in yer whiskey more times than ah can remember," what's not to love? I know, it's a bit harsh, but it's moments like this that will make you laugh out loud. The most interesting thing about this issue, however, isn't only the clever dialogue; it's the premise. If you don't want to spoil the issue, I suggest you stop reading. This issue of Jonah Hex deals with his relationship with his father. Will he save his father from dying, or will he watch him die? Not only is the story beautifully written, it deals with aspects of Hexs character that the reader doesn't normally get to see. Beneath the harsh exterior, Jonah Hex has endured some serious hardships, and the events of this issue give the reader a glimpse of that.

Pair the talents of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray with Jeff Lemire, and you have a near perfect issue of Hex. Lemire is absolutely the perfect addition to this team. One look at Lemire's artistic style and it makes perfect sense that the creative team brought him on board. The way Lemire structures the panels containing the in depth conversation between Hex and his father is gorgeous.

The Bad

Nothing! There, I said it.

The Verdict

Sometimes you can read a comic and say to yourself, 'that was pretty fantastic.' Then you walk away from the issue and realize you can't stop thinking about what you just read; that's when you know it's really good. That's exactly what you get with this issue of Jonah Hex. The creative team is perfect for this issue. It's a glimpse into what makes Jonah Hex tick, and so much of what made him who he is, and it's those kinds of stories that are truly memorable.