Comic Vine Review


Jirni #1 - Shadows and Dust


Discover a new fantasy world of barbarians, action, sorcery and, of course, pretty characters.

The Good

It's always tough trying to decide on taking a chance with a brand new comic. Aspen takes the approach with making the first issue cost one dollar. At that price, it's hard to pass by. J.T. Krul unleashes a new world upon us. It's a world full of pretty girl, horrific barbarians, magic, violence and mystery.

It should be made clear that the main character is not named JIRNI. There is an explanation for the title in the issue. Our main character is named Ara. When she makes her debut, it's pretty stellar. Ara is a character you won't want to mess around with. She takes on a horde of savage beasts with ease. If you're looking for a strong female character, you will find one in Ara.

Through the meeting of Ara, we start to see the story unfold. We get tidbits of information and are introduced to other characters, all of which we'll find out more in later issues. We do find out a little of her past but there are some gaps we'll have to wait to see filled in.

Paolo Pantalena's art and Brett Smith's colors give this book the look Aspen is known for. That means we get some good looking art and colors. With this being a 'new' world, it's imperative that the different characters and locations are given a unique and interesting look.

The Bad

There are going to be scantily-clad females. Of course some of the dudes in this book have little clothing as well. There isn't necessarily anything wrong with the wardrobes here as it does fit the vibe of the world created. I just don't know if I need so many butt cheeks in my comics. I'm not saying I'm against butt cheeks but maybe there should be a limit.

We do get introduced to a possible 'villain' in this issue. In setting everything up, we don't get the chance to find out very much about him. We're not sure what motivates him or where he got a certain object of power. But it is something for us to look forward to.

The Verdict

Aspen can add another new character to their line up. J.T. Krul introduces us to a new character and whole new world full of action, magic and mystery and suspense. With a debut issue for a dollar, Aspen does a good job arousing your curiosity. With big fantasy action and great visuals, this comic gives us something different compared to the plethora of superhero books on the stands. JIRNI is something you should definitely check out.