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Itty Bitty Hellboy #2 - You Call Him Smitty, Let It Out!, Try To Blend In, It's Still A Creature, Under What? Under Where?, Quench! Review


Lobster and Smitty and Squatches, oh my!

The Good

This issue is all about the SQUATCH! Like the creative team behind the series, all of the ITTY BITTY squad is obsessed with finding the elusive Sasquatch, resorting to alternately serious and hilarious tactics on their quest to do so. (Bonus: the issue is educational, in the sense that we learn that yelling is a surefire way NOT to get a Squatch to appear.)

I love meeting characters in this series -- the ITTY BITTY versions of Lobster Johnson et al are perfect family-friendly analogues to their BPRD selves, and it's positively charming how Art and Franco have interpreted their character traits and powers in a fun, new way.

Once again, the book is packed with references to BPRD stories (Lobster's burning hand, Liz's pyro skills, and more). It's really a perfect intro-to-comics for kids (or nieces/nephews/pals) of Mignola fans -- grown-ups can play spot-the-reference, while kids can nurture a new appreciation for the comics medium and the HELLBOY universe.

The Bad

Great for short attention spans, but less so for more captivated readers: the stories in ITTY BITTY HELLBOY are also itty bitty. I'd love to see Art and Franco tackle a longer-ranging story in this adorable framework.

The Verdict

ITTY BITTY HELLBOY is bite-sized, adorable HELLBOY fun for all ages. I'm loving it as an all-readers series, and it's making me even more certain that Art and Franco need to take on every property in comics. Making a family-friendly book that stays faithful to the original source material is no small feat, and their passion for well-made all-ages comics and the Mignolaverse is the opposite of a Squatch (easy to see!).

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Looks good, but I wish DC didn't cancel Tiny Titans