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Iron Fist: The Living Weapon #1 - Rage: Part One


Iron Fist is back and not quite as you'd expect. But you can expect some intense fight scenes along with some nice character development.

The Good

Who is Iron Fist? That might be an easy question for those that have read past stories and series focusing on Danny Rand. This new series catches you off guard. This is Danny Rand but not quite the Danny we're used to. To start off with, we do have a nice brief intro into Iron Fist's origin. Long time readers may be familiar with the story but seeing it here feels different. It's not the happy origin some heroes have. It's definitely not told in a way we'd expect from Danny.

The thing is, Danny's sort of going through some dark times. That isn't to say this is going to be Emo Iron Fist or anything. Iron Fist has usually be a bit of sunshine in the Marvel Universe but you have to look at everything he's gone through. Kaare Andrews gives the character more of an edge we're used and it looks good on Danny. It's not all action either as we get some pretty cool twists that will make you come back for more next issue.

Andrews handles the writing and art duties with ease. The colors match the vibe of the story and you really feel yourself pulled down into the story. It gets dark but not in a depressing way. And when the ninjas come into the story, hang on to your hats. I especially loved the beaten look of the flashback scenes. It was a nice little touch that really worked wonderfully.

Kaare Andrews is like an unstoppable force in handling so much of the comic. It should be noted that he does not do the lettering though. Joe Caramagna does his usual great job and you'll dig the moments he adds some oomph to the lettering at all the right moments.

The Bad

Some may wonder why Danny's become so moody. There is a nice balance and it does give us some more insight into what makes his mind tick. But it might be a bit much for some.

It'll be interesting to see how the tone continues in future issues. This was very dark and red. There is a gritty feel but some may not want so much gritty when it comes to Iron Fist.

The Verdict

Iron Fist is back like you've never seen before. It's some dark times for Danny Rand and that means we can expect some high octane action and adventure. Kaare Andrews cranks up the intensity while giving us a different take on the usual upbeat Iron Fist we've seen so many times. It's a great change of pace and gives us an enticing first issue. Most of the new All-New Marvel Now! relaunch series have been wonderful and Marvel has another hit on their hands. Iron Fist is a great character that has been underused for too long. This is a great time to get to know him all over again. You'll feel the excitement oozing from the pages.