Comic Vine Review


Invincible #91


Dinosaurus saved Mark from the Viltrumite base and General Thragg.

The Good

We find out a bit more about Dinosaurus in this issue, including the fact he's a lot more powerful than we thought because every time he transforms back into Dinosaurus, he completely regenerates, so he's near impossible to kill. Since his turn around into a "good guy," I'm really starting to like this character a lot. Mark needs protection, and Dinosaurus is sadly the only person close to him that he can trust., unless he tries to blow up another city...

We get to see Invincible meet Invincible very briefly in this issue, and Zanadale doesn't entirely live up to the Mark's legacy. In fact, he's treated more like a rag doll than anything else. As the issue continues, Mark's friends all come to his aid, not knowing that the villain they're trying to fight is actually Mark's friend. I like the idea of all these characters coming together almost as a team.

Even for a slower issue, Robert Kirkman does a great job with dialogue and set-up, but the star of the show, for me, is the art. Ryan Ottley always does a fantastic job on this series, and better yet, colorist Cliff Rathburn does a phenomenal job here, especially when it comes to the colors around Eve and the scenes with Oliver and Allen. It's very dynamic and the variation between light and dark is fantastic.

Fantastic reveal page at the end of the issue where we see Mark's arm destroyed after punching Allen in the face revealing that he's not so invincible after all. Where will this leave Mark? Will things ever return back to normal? How will this affect his future as Invincible?

The Bad

It's a pretty slow issue. Invincible 91 is all set up. While I'm sure this issue will lead to something greater, Invincible 91 is a bit tough to get through. If I were (like I normally do) reading this in trade format, I don't think I'd have a huge problem with this issue, but on it's own, it's a pretty dull and dry issue, up until the final pages.

The Verdict

Sadly, this is one of my least favorite issues of Invincible, but as I've said in the past, a bad issue of Invincible is still better than the best issues of most of what's on the shelves. This issue is building up to something greater, and while it's a bummer that we just mainly get set up here, there is a lot of greatness in this issue.

I'm finally becoming a fan of Dinosaurus. He has heart, and he's incredibly protective of Mark. I also loved seeing all these characters come together because I just know in a few issues, we'll be seeing them work together. Loved Cliff Rathburn's colors on this issue, especially the panels involving Eve.

Overall, it's a good issue, but I feel this would work much better if you were reading it in trade. I recommend Invincible 91.