Comic Vine Review


Invincible #90


Bulletproof has taken over as Invincible as the Scourge Virus makes its way through Mark's body. Dinosaurus makes his way to the Viltrumite base on the moon and ends up saving the day.

The Good

As weird as it may seem, it's not too tough to accept Bulletproof as Invincible, for the time being. While he may seem very hero-like, he comes off a tad sleazy as he tries to get a bit too close to Eve. As a fill-in, I really like him, and it adds a cool, new dynamic to the story. It keeps the book fresh, even though I never really felt it was getting stale.

Amazing battle between Dinosaurus and Thragg towards the end of the issue. Fantastic artwork by Ryan Ottley. The man knows how to put together a fantastic fight scene that entertains the audience as well as quenches the thirst of those who love some over-the-top violence.

Because of the events of issue 90, I'm excited to see where this leaves Thragg with the rest of the Invincible cast. One thing is for sure, it's going to go out with a bang.

We don't get to see too much of them, but I really enjoy Allen and Oliver together. Even though they've seemed a bit harsh in the past couple of issues, they do have this cool dysfunctional relationship with each other. Then again, I always like seeing Oliver, and I've loved watching him grow through this series.

I wasn't the biggest fan of Dinosaurus in previous issues, but Invincible #90 completely changed my thoughts on the character. He's willing to go above and beyond, in this issue, to do what's right, even though he's been quite the villain in the past. He shows a lot of heart here, and it's a character I can really get behind.

The Bad

It's never a good idea to assume, but I sadly assumed that Mark would be gone for quite a while. I was hoping that Mark would be out of the picture a lot longer than one issue, and although he's not back in the Invincible suit yet, I wanted Bulletproof to take over for a little while; however, we'll see what happens.

The Verdict

This is a book you should be reading. I say it almost every month, and I truly mean it. Kirkman and Ottley put together an amazing book, month after month, that always pleases. For me, this issue wasn't the greatest in the series, but I still think an ok issue of Invincible is better than 90% of the books out there.

I really enjoyed seeing Bulletproof take over the role as Invincible, but wondered how Mark is going to play into all of this. I loved the fight scene between Dinosaurus and Thragg and I'm excited to see where that leaves Thragg in this universe. I also liked the dynamic between Oliver and Allen, even though their time in this issue was short.

I highly recommend this issue and this series. You will not regret it.