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Invincible #89 Review


With Mark fighting the Scourge virus, someone else steps into his costume.

General Thragg looks over Mark as the Scourge virus attacks his body. Bulletproof steps in to help out Eve with one of Mark's clients.

The Good

We've seen a legacy costume be handed down to so many different characters in so many different books, and in this issue of Invincible, we get to see it too, except this time, it works extremely well. While Mark is fighting off the virus in quarantine, Eve notices that one of Invincible Inc's clients needs help, so Bulletproof puts on the costume to help out. He's not trying to become Invincible, but simply filling in and trying to help a friend out. Whether or not this is a permanent change is yet to be seen, but I have a good feeling Mark will be back. Bulletproof is a great choice for the fill in, by the way. He's a solid and great character who knows how to fight bad guys, even if he spent most of his time fighting on a team (Guardians of the Globe).

The team of Ryan Ottley (pencils), Cliff Rathburn (inks), and John Rauch (colors) as always kills it on this issue. The almost final two-page splash in this issue, featuring Bulletproof in Mark's costume, is amazing. This team has a great style and leads the way in contemporary comic book art style. This is how super-hero books should be drawn, especially when they get a bit gory. It's animated, yet grounded, and I love the heavier ink outlines, and the colors blend so well and really pop off the page.

Thragg is a character I love to hate. On the surface, he seems to be doing some good, but there's something incredibly sinister about him, especially after he finds out some important info about Mark and smashes an alien's head. It may build up to another epic fight...

The Bad

This issue wasn't as good as the last issue, especially with issue 88's startling conclusion. That's the only trouble I had with this issue, which I guess isn't a problem at all.

The Verdict

I love this series, and I'll say this for the 100th time, "This is my favorite super-hero book on the shelves." I really enjoyed this issue and the reason why Bulletproof got to put on Mark's costume. It makes perfect sense, and it doesn't feel forced. Once again, I love this art team, and I think they're leading the way for how super hero comics should be drawn. I'm becoming more and more of a fan of General Thragg because he's a character you love to hate and hate to love. Overall, I highly recommend this series because it's what super hero books should strive towards.