Comic Vine Review


International Iron Man #1


Tony Stark like you've never seen him before! At least it feels like a Tony Stark we haven't seen. Time to explore who he really is.

I'll be completely honest--I really wasn't sure what this book would be about. Obviously it's dealing with Iron Man. When it was first announced, it seemed odd because we were just getting Invincible Iron Man, also written by Brian Michael Bendis. There are characters that have different titles, but with Tony's time in the Avengers and his own book, I wasn't sure how this would go. Clearly Bendis has it all mapped out.

Not too long ago, Tony (and comic readers) discovered his past was a bit of a lie. He was actually adopted and not the natural son of Howard Stark (even though they almost look identical). When I saw this title would deal with exploring that past that has unfortunately not been explored, I became intrigued. If Marvel is going to drop a bombshell like this on readers, we demand some answers.

Brian Michael Bendis reunites with Alex Maleev. The two have produced some amazing comics together. Even if I wasn't hooked on finding out where this book would take Stark, I'd be reading it regardless. Maleev's style always creates a unique mood in the story. We're taken to Tony's college days. It's not quite what you would expect.

At first you'll wonder why we're seeing this flashback and what it has to do with the new story. Eventually, it all becomes clear. We may have seen a young version of Tony Stark before, but that's a period in Iron Man's history some readers prefer to try to forget about. Seeing Tony here is interesting. I'm sometimes a little leery about moments from a character's past suddenly updated or changed. Things are being set up nicely here.

It's interesting how some characters can naturally have multiple comic titles while others almost feel questionable. At first I wondered if Iron Man needed another title. Brian Michael Bendis makes a convincing argument that he does. This book feels completely different from Invincible Iron Man. Joined once again by Alex Maleev, you'll be intrigued by this look at Tony Stark and events from his past. There is now a mystery over the identity of his birth parents. Once you start reading, you'll definitely want to know more. It might not be clear where this book will fully take us, but we're off to a good start. You will want to find out more. This isn't the Iron Man book you might have expected, and that's a great thing.