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Injustice: Gods Among Us #35 - Chapter 35


Batman attempts to replicate the Kryptonian pill, but an angry Superman is after him and time is hardly on his side.

The Good

Everything has been building up to this one issue. All of the tension, all of the madness, all of the hate, all of the sorrow, all of the raw emotion... all of it has led us to this confrontation between Batman and Superman. I've read the issue three times now and the turn of events still leaves me flabbergasted (I was reserving use of that word for the time it could truly apply... and this seems like a really good time).

When it comes to Batman and Superman being at odds, we've seen everything from Superman being controlled yet still holding back (Hush) to the two playing rock 'em sock 'em robots while Bruce is in an armor (The Dark Knight Returns). Writer Tom Taylor subtly acknowledges this in the back and forth dialogue between the two iconic characters and makes what happens next not only incredibly interesting, but also continually gripping and legitimately intense. Batman has a plan and it by no means involves him directly fighting a vicious version of Superman, but it plays out in a manner that'll leave you guessing what'll happen next after each and every moment.

Tom Derenick and the colorists nail the powerful expressions in this chapter. The reactions from both characters are believable and the visual team brings this chapter to life, never letting it feel stagnant. Everyone involved in the visuals did an able job making me feel the intensity behind the drastically changing emotions and the effects from each bit of action deliver as well. Those poor bats...

The Bad

Minor gripes: Batman remarks that Superrman is covered in Green Arrow's blood, yet I don't see any on him. Also, Superman appears a bit too stocky and short when he first appears -- almost as if his legs are too short.

I still have trouble believing Bruce can hide from Superman (especially after pointing out Supes can lobotomize him from space), but this is definitely not the first time it has happened, so I'll stop being grumpy and just get over it.

The Verdict

The momentum has been building and building for quite some time now, and this long anticipated encounter feels organic instead of totally forced. It's unlike the other encounters we've seen between the two and it's sure to leave you shocked. Opinions will definitely to be mixed on this development, but I think it was brilliantly executed and awesomely engrossing. Given everything that has happened and the relationship they share, I can absolutely see how this was a feasible solution for one of them.

INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US continues to prove it's a wonderfully twisted alternate universe which is more than worthy of your attention. This latest emotional and cinematic course of events makes me realize this is a story that's simply begging for the DC animated movie treatment. Potential legal issues be damned... make it happen, DC and WB Animation!

Just to clarify: this isn't the last chapter.