Comic Vine Review


Infinity #2 - Fall


As the battle continues, the heroes try to push forward. And what exactly is Thanos up to?

The Good

Reading this issue, you can't help but feel the grand epic nature Jonathan Hickman is weaving throughout this story. In the past we have seen big events mixed in with crossovers that appear to be all over the place. From the beginning of each issue, you can follow what has happened before and what is happening in other issues. We get a glimpse and a taste in order to move forward with the story.

Despite so much happening on so many fronts, you can't help but get giddy with excitement as we see each moment occur. The art team of Jerome Opeña and Dustin Weaver with Justin Ponsor on colors is magnificent. Hickman sets up each moment and the art team knocks them out of the park. Every moment is dripping with tension. You can feel the regality of the Inhumans or the chaos during the battles. The combination of story and art is what makes this feel so grand.

We do get some answers as the developments continue. Specifically, Thanos' reasoning for targeting Earth is starting to become more apparent.

The Bad

At times this "event" almost feels too big. It is enjoyable seeing the different areas in the Marvel Universe but the sense of jumping from place to place for a few page can be a bit much. It almost feels as if the entire Marvel Universe is in jeopardy. That does give a bigger feel to the story but seeing the glimpses of the crossovers makes you feel like you're missing out on part of the story if you're not following those as well. It makes sense that those reading this series would also be following Hickman's other titles but we can't assume everyone is.

The different areas and characters do add to the overall grand feel but sometimes you barely get to see enough. Just when you want to see more, it cuts to another scene. It might be cumbersome but perhaps little editorial notes guiding us to where particular action will continue could be helpful. Then again, that could just clutter things up.

The Verdict

INFINITY is shaping up to be a big story. Jonathan Hickman is laying things out and we get to see how much of the Marvel Universe is being affected by the various threats. There is a lot going on as the action jumps from moment to moment. Jerome Opeña, Dustin Weaver and Justin Ponsor deliver some epic scenes that convey the scope of Hickman's story. This doesn't just come across as another Marvel event. You get punched in the gut with how big it is.