Comic Vine Review


Infestation 2: Dungeons and Dragons #1 - Part 1


The world of H.P. Lovecraft invades the world on dungeons and dragons!

Get your d20s and magic missiles ready! Mysteries need to be solved in the City of Towers! Abraxis Wren is there to solve all crimes, no matter how crazy.

The Good

The last six pages of this book were great. It has a great pace to it and we finally get to see some crazy Lovecraftian monsters, and the final splash page is dynamite.

By far, the best thing about this issue is the art. Valerio Schiti's has some beautiful art on this book, along side with Scarletgothica's colors. (That's the colorist's name?) The book's visuals alone will keep you glued to the pages, and the colors just fly off each panel, especially towards the end.

The Bad

I found out that I really don't like fantasy books. They are just not my bag. I found myself lost with everything that was going on in this issue and couldn't follow the book. Since this book probably connects directly to the IDW Dungeons and Dragons series, a book I've never read, I had no clue who these people were, and in turn lost interest in the book incredibly quickly.

As a new reader, it did a poor job of keeping me interested in the book. I kept waiting for some good D&Desque action, but we only really got two very brief scenes. I was also waiting for some Lovecraftian beast to pop out of no where, but all-in-all, I felt disappointed by the end.

The book moves at a snails pace to begin with and it doesn't pick up or even connect to Infestation until the last six pages, which is a complete bummer since this is only a two issue mini-series.

The Verdict

Out of all the Infestation 2 books, I was least excited to read this one simply because I know nothing about the series, and I had a feeling for me it would be the hardest to follow. The book isn't for me, and I'd recommend the main Infestation series and the Transformers tie-in far and above this one, unless Dungeons and Dragons is a series you currently follow. I loved the last six pages of this issue and the overall art and look, but I found that fantasy books really aren't for me, and I felt a bit lost with this world and it's characters.