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Indestructible Hulk #5 - Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Part 5 Review


Attuma reveals his plan to destroy the surface world! Spoiler alert: Hulk punches stuff, too!

The Good

Mark Waid and Leinil Francis Yu are smashing this title (please, find it in your heart to forgive me for that one). It's business as usual in INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK as Bruce Banner builds the plot and we're treated to the Green Goliath demolishing the conclusion with his enormous and powerful fists. More of the same isn't necessarily a bad thing, though. In this case, Attuma's plot is fleshed out and while plenty of exposition is thrown in our faces, it's still provided with some sharp writing from Waid (love the poker remark about Pym).

Once again, this book looks topnotch. Yu's pencils are insanely detailed and we're provided with some truly impressive pages. Everything from the rebels' elaborate armor to the vast underwater world is overflowing with detail and packed with plenty of work for your eyes to soak in. Yu's illustrations fills the world with detail, but it's Sunny Gho's coloring that brings it to life. It's a bright and gorgeous environment Hulk is venturing into and almost every panel is a vibrant paradise.

Things wrap up pretty quickly -- too quickly for my taste, honestly -- but it's still massively entertaining. There's a hugely creative and awesome moment thrown in the Hulk and Attuma fight. Major credit to Waid for coming up with that amazingly absurd idea because it totally works and brought so much more energy to the moment.

The Bad

I get Banner's armor is allowing him to breathe, but how is he walking around and talking while underwater? Isn't the water flowing into his mouth as he does this? I'm sure there's technically some tiny device in his mouth which is beyond my comprehension, but I don't recall that ever being mentioned.

While the conclusion was definitely fun, I felt it was over before it really began. We're hear Attuma's insanely dangerous plan, then one quick action scene later and bam, it's foiled. This was a story where I actually wouldn't mind seeing it fleshed out into a three-parter.

The Verdict

Waid's formula is certainly working. It gives both characters adequate time to shine, bringing a nice balance of intellect and pure popcorn entertainment to the title. That said, it is a redundant and predictable approach, so hopefully Waid will begin to spice things up and throw a curve ball or two our way. After all, we all know he certainly has the talent to do so.

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Posted By TheCommissar

One of my favorite reads of this week (and still among my favorite ongoings at the moment). I really enjoyed taking a look at the Lemurians, and the art quite well done.

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Posted By cincyducksfan35

I love when a comic makes me feel like I got my moneys worth. Cool story, great humor and tons of action

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Posted By HollowPrince665

Best issue so far. I love this issue and I cannot wait for the art change. I love Yu's art but I like Simonson's as well n.n

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Posted By Jacobin_Wisdom

Good issue but it's getting very redundant and predictable as each issue passes. They need to sprinkle some that just focus on Hulk, and Banner.

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Posted By mightypug78

i nominate the first cover to be in the best covers of the week article.

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Posted By k4tzm4n

@mightypug78 said:

i nominate the first cover to be in the best covers of the week article.

You've gotta tell that!

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Edited By That60sGuy

Can't wait to read this. I've seen Kirby's Hulk, I've seen Ditko's Hulk, I've seen Severin's Hulk, but Leinil Yu's HULK IS STRONGEST THERE IS!

It's a crying shame Yu's leaving this book. After Simonson's 3 part arc another artist is coming in (based on July solicits) so look's like Leinil won't be back.