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Indestructible Hulk #2 - Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Part 2


Bruce Banner wants to work for SHIELD. This is hard for people to accept. Guess what happens when Iron Man comes to check on him.

The Good

This is another example of what the Marvel NOW! titles should be about. The idea was to deliver new jumping on points for readers and that's exactly what Mark Waid is doing. Readers should know who Hulk/Bruce Banner is. All you need to know about what he's done before is smashing things. Bruce is now determined to use his intellect and contribute to the world in a positive manner. His solution, we saw last issue, was to agree to be SHIELD's 'cannon' when needed provided they gave him the tools and space to invent things.

Despite having INDESTRUCTIBLE in the title, there is a lot of focus on Banner. There might be even more of a focus on Banner than the Hulk. When Tony Stark comes to check on what's going on, we get that great battle of wits between two extreme geniuses. These moments show us the level of dialogue Waid is capable of. A Hulk comic doesn't have to be just about smashing. Seeing these two interact is like watching someone play with matches in a dynamite factory. The suspense will keep you on edge as well as entertain you. Hopefully we'll be seeing a lot of Stark in this series from time to time.

Leinil Francis Yu's artwork combined with Sunny Gho's colors transports us to another world. This may take place in the Marvel Universe but it has such a different feel to it. You don't feel like your reading just another regular comic book. The colors used are almost calming which offers a nice contradiction to the potential destruction that could erupt at any moment.

The Bad

It's great to see the continue set up for this series and while I'm loving the character development, it feels like it takes a bit for us to actually see Hulk in action. It may still be extremely early but using INDESTRUCTIBLE to describe this title seems a little off. It's great to see Banner develop as the brilliant genius he should be but you get a sense that there might be something more going on when we finally do see Hulk appear.

There were a couple times the inking felt a little thick, especially on a couple of the action panels.

The Verdict

We're seeing a new direction for Hulk. This is a common theme in some of the new Marvel NOW! series. Mark Waid is giving us a different look at the relationship between Banner and Hulk. In his new setting, we get to see Banner step forward into the spotlight while Hulk is still looming and waiting to claim it for himself. The appearance by Tony Stark is great and builds the rivalry and banter between the two smart guys. Leinil Francis Yu's art and Sunny Gho's colors give this title a distinct feel. We've barely scratched the surface in what's coming up. We get a bit of a cliffhanger at the end so we'll have to wait and see what's next for Hulk.