Comic Vine Review


I, Vampire #19 - Caribou


It's the end of the series. Anything goes. Find out who lives and who doesn't.

The Good

It's a major bummer this series is coming to an end. What is good is we do get some closure. The recent events are allowed to come to an end. With all the craziness that's been in these pages, there is a lot deal with. Josh Fialkov takes them all on and puts a nice bow on the package.

One thing to be clear on, you won't know how it's going to end until you read this. There is that feeling that anything goes. You get a sense that Fialkov was allowed to finish his story, to some extent, and do as he pleased with the characters. I'll just say that not everyone makes it out alive.

We also see the return of Andrea Sorrentino. Whoever had a hand in making this happen should be commended. Fialkov and Sorrentino were a huge factor in making me love these characters. We've seen characters switch back between being good and evil and they made us care with each and every issue.

The Bad

The scenes drawn by Fernando Blanco were good but it's that old problem of different artists with different art styles. It can be distracting. It can be a little hard to follow when you're used to the way certain characters have looked combined with some of the transformations in recent issues. I would definitely like to see Blanco on another series. I dig his style but it just didn't fit here. The switching back and forth got to be too much. The use of the violent colors during the battle also added to the slight confusion as to who was who.

Did he get to tell the whole story? I'd imagine Fialkov had more of a story to tell beyond this one. There was a tiny element of the story speeding up in order to give an actual ending.

The Verdict

I, VAMPIRE was a series that caught me by surprise. Because of my love for Fialkov's writing, I knew I'd check out this series when it was first announced even though I didn't really want to read another vampire comic. His writing and Andrea Sorrentino's art won me over from the first issue. It's a shame the series has to come to an end. This issue does wrap up loose ends and you won't know what's coming up on the next page as you read. Fernando Blanco shares the art duties with Sorrentino. I did like his style but didn't think it quite fit the vibe of this book. Switching between his art and Andrea's was a distraction. I would have loved to seen more stories with these characters. All good things must come to an end. It's just unfortunate that this is one of them.