Comic Vine Review


I, Vampire #14 - Winterlong


The tables have turned with the good and bad vampires. Fialkov and Sorrentino crank up the action and suspense. Plus, there's a dog in this issue.

The Good

The idea of the hero turning into a villain and vice versa has been seen before. What makes it great here is the execution. Fialkov has been crafting a compelling tale from the beginning. I never imagined myself digging vampire comics so much but with this and AMERICAN VAMPIRE, we're getting some great and intricate storytelling.

One of the bits I've always loved about this series is how it has such a separate feel from the rest of the DC Universe yet every now and then, you get little snippets or signs that it does fit in. It's hard to imagine a story where you root for the hero month after month and then seeing the tables turn and they become evil, you still find yourself rooting for them.

Fialkov's stories combined with Andrea Sorrentino's art is an experience. It's this combination that sets this apart from being just another "vampire comic." The art and story are both haunting and beautiful at the same time. We often see big crazy scenes of destruction and mayhem and there's always a surprise waiting around the corner.

Now that our hero has turned evil, you can't help but wonder what comes next. It's easy to assume that he'll "get better" somehow since this is 'comic books' but with Fialkov behind the wheel, you can't trust him to stick to the average comic book rules. And that's a great thing.

There's also a part or the story involving a dog that needs to be seen.

The Bad

What? This is Andrea Sorrentino's final issue? Yes that's a bad thing but absolutely cannot and should not be held against this issue. I just wish I could read this on a more frequent schedule. Waiting another month is too much at times.

The Verdict

When it comes to good and bad vampires, you can't assume to know what's coming next. Fialkov has been shaking things up and hitting us left and right upside the head with the twists and turns. You would think that having the comics hero turn evil would disrupt the flow of the series but it's added another layer to the comic and continues to keep you hanging onto the edge of your seat. Andrea Sorrentino's art is wonderful as always and it's unfortunate that this will be his final issue. You'll be haunted by the beauty and chilling nature of his art. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you should be reading I, VAMPIRE. If you haven't been reading it, pick up the early issues and get caught up so you can enjoy the experience.