Comic Vine Review


i Love Trouble #1 - Disappearing Act


What better time to discover a special talent when you find yourself about to die? Get ready for a comic that isn't full of the usual familiar type of characters.

The Good

It's always a nice change of pace when you read a new comic that doesn't have the type of character you've seen many times before. Our main character, Felicia, is a grifter on the run from a gangster she stole from. As her plane is about to crash, she discovers a special superpower-type ability. Being she is not a character of absolute good intentions, you immediately know this isn't going to a comic featuring a do-gooder.

Kel Symons introduces us to an interesting character and world. We have a character with a special ability in a world where characters such as the X-Men only exist in comics (and movies). The idea that if an individual discovered they had a special ability, they would try to use it for personal gain is what you would expect.

Mark A. Robinson's style delivers a great feel combined with Paul Little's colors. This definitely doesn't have the typical superhero comic feel and that's a great thing. Felicia's character design also isn't that of a typical comic book character. This helps give this comic a distinct feel and separates it from others.

The Bad

When you don't have the most moral person as your lead, there is the risk of whether or not you'll be able to root for them. Of course, there is always someone worse.

The style has a distinct feel but there were times it was almost a little too much. Some of the expressions feel a little exaggerated but it goes along with the vibe of the comic.

The Verdict

For a first issue, this comic does exactly what it's supposed to. We are introduced to a new character, find out who they are, where they come from and what they can do. We also discover the predicament she's in that will establish the direction of the series. All of this is accomplished with just the right pacing and the art style helps give the book a distinct feel. Being that this is the first issue for a new series, it's hard to determine where the title may go but with a bit of a cliffhanger, there is plenty here to grab your curiosity in order to make you want to come back next issue.