Comic Vine Review


Huntress #4 - Crossbow at the Crossroads, Part Four


Huntress tracks down Moretti and enacts her vengeance upon him...sort-of.

The Good

Marcus To delivers more gorgeous art. Huntress is fluid, graceful and gorgeous in this comic book. To spends plenty of time on the backgrounds in his panels, ensuring that the reader gets a feel for the book and for Helena's environment. Reading this you can see Rome, and it's lovely. I absolutely adore To on this series and it is the book's best quality.

The dialogue is fun, lighthearted and interesting. Although Levitz overall story is a bit clouded (there are some definite plot holes in this issue), he still has a familiarity for Helena that I appreciate. He knows the kind of character he wants to write, and he does a stellar job conveying her voice to the reader. She is ambitious, determined and she wants vengeance; I like that about her.

The Bad

I so wanted to give this issue a higher score, but there were just way too many loose ends in this story. For example, did I somehow miss the moment where Helena revealed to the two reporters that she was the Huntress? I feel like I am missing something. One minute they are having lunch and Alessandro mentions how they would love to know more about Helena, and the next they show up and meet her whilst she is in full costume? When did she disclose to them that she was the Huntress?

Also, the writer spent a full page cleverly divulging how Helena was going to prevent radio interference on the ship. If that's true, then how did the two reporters know the ship's coordinates? How did Helena communicate with them so that they would arrive just in the nick of time?

During the fight with the ship's crew, Helena shot arrows through their sleeves forcing them to drop their weapons. She didn't kill them or knock them out, she simply stuck their sleeves to the wall. I'm going to guess that realistically, an arrow through your shirt sleeve wont prevent you from tearing away, picking the gun back up, and shooting your opponent. Helena also leaves the women who were being held captive on the boat with these men, who could easily overtake them with their guns.

Seriously, what was the point here? Why did she even go onto this ship and jeopardize her life if she didn't actually take out Moretti, who she had been tracking for the last three issues. I guess I wouldn't be so disappointed if the writer hadn't taken so many liberties.

The Verdict

If the people who worked on this book just took a little bit more time to fill in the gaps, this score would have been considerably higher. The thing is, I have really enjoyed this series and I think it has some really great qualities; but this was just too much. As much as it pains me to give such a beautiful book so low of a score, I am far too disappointed in the lack of common sense in the writing. Could have been much better. Nevertheless, Marcus To's art in this book is it's most redeeming quality.